Pete Dougherty and Aaron Nagler look at the road ahead for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers after their loss to the Panthers in Carolina.


Here is how the NFC playoff race stands, with the Green Bay Packers still barely alive for the second wild-card berth. Green Bay will be eliminated if Atlanta wins Monday night at Tampa Bay:

1. Eagles (10-2)

2. Vikings (11-3)

3. Saints (10-4)

4. Rams (10-4)

5. Panthers (10-4)

6. Falcons (8-5)

7. Lions (8-6)

8. Seahawks (8-6)

9. Cowboys  (8-6)

10. Packers (7-7)

In order for the Packers to make the playoffs, the following scenarios must occur:

» Packers must win their remaining games (Minnesota, at Detroit).

» Falcons must lose their final three games (at Tampa Bay, at New Orleans, Carolina).

» Seahawks must lose one of their remaining games (at Dallas, Arizona).

» Cowboys must lose one of their remaining games (Seattle, at Philadelphia).

If the Packers and Lions both finish 9-7, the Packers hold an edge based on the NFL's tiebreaking procedures.