Packers Morning Buzz: Everyone has an Aaron Rodgers take

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Welcome to your Morning Buzz, rounding up news and views regarding the Green Bay Packers and the NFL from around the web and here at Grab a cup of coffee (or brew some tea, if that’s your thing) and get caught up on everything you need to know.

We’ll start with Tom Silverstein’s look at the tight end position and where the Packers stand prior to next week’s draft:

Tight ends who come out of college ready to block on an NFL level have become so scarce that personnel people often must convince themselves that the guy they are drafting isn’t that bad.

It’s not exactly a great way to go about scouting tight ends, and the advantage might go to the personnel executive who is completely honest with himself and his coaching staff.

If we draft this guy, we’re going to have to teach him to block.

“Colleges are running a ton of open-tight end offenses now and don't have time to teach O-linemen how to block, let alone tight ends with time constraints in the fall,” said a longtime NFL assistant who has been a head coach. “I do, however, think it is still very cyclical.

“There are good years and bad years for positions and no rhyme or reason for it other than it's based off what the football gods want.”

So, what about 2018?

Based on one personnel executive’s assessment, there are some quality pass catchers to be had, but not many guys who can block.

Tom also looks at possible Packers selections:

There are plenty of Wisconsin-born prospects who could be selected next week:

I put together another mock draft roundup:

Donald Driver is bringing his softball game back:

Rich Ryman looks at the new Packers Hall of Fame exhibit:

I chatted with readers late Wednesday afternoon:

Elsewhere, I chatted with USA TODAY Sports about the recent Aaron Rodgers drama:

Mike Florio chimed in on the same subject:

LeRoy Butler defended Rodgers on CBS Sports:

Greg Jennings, unsurprisingly, had some thoughts as well:

Jason Wilde writes on the role Rodgers expects to play within the organization:

Rob Demovsky writes on the defense not looking back:

The draft rumors are flying fast and furious:

Bryan Bulaga looks to be on track after his ACL injury:

The NFL releases its regular-season schedule this evening:

Colin Cowherd understands Rodgers frustration:

Cheesehead TV has a “dream scenario” for the Packers:

The Power Sweep makes the case for LeRoy Butler:



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