'I get it now': Brett Favre says Aaron Rodgers understands famous 'contract' quote

Aaron Nagler
Packers News
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“My contract doesn’t say I have to get Aaron Rodgers ready to play. Now hopefully he watches me and gets something from that.”

That was how the public’s perception of the relationship between Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers began, with Favre distancing himself from his eventual replacement in an interview with ESPN. It was a soundbite that was seemingly played on a loop across the network for days and it said everything about the bumpy road ahead between the two.

The two have long since put the early animosity aside, most famously during an appearance together at the NFL Honors back in 2013.

This morning, appearing on the Wilde and Tausch radio program on ESPN 540-AM, Favre spoke about his current relationship with Rodgers and he mentioned that the two spoke just last week.

“We talked about that,” said Favre, referencing the not-mentoring-Rodgers quote. “He said, ‘I get it now. I get what you were saying, or how you carried yourself.’”

Favre continued “There is no clause that says ‘You groom the next guy who’s going to take your job, or else.’ It doesn’t work that way.”

Another shared experience between the two? Watching your friends leave the team during a long career.

“You see a lot of guys come and go. You look around and I’m the last man standing," Favre said. "Very few guys get to experience that because of the longevity standpoint.”

Apparently, Rodgers is a tough guy to get a hold of as well.

“I told Aaron, if I do anything, I’m going to get you a phone that works," Favre said. "That guy may be the worst at returning messages.”


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