Old School Packers: A look back at Brett Favre's first training camp in GB; trade to Jets

Rick Klauer
Packers News
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It was 26 years ago on Aug. 5, 1992, that Brett Favre – in his first training camp with the Green Bay Packers – brashly predicted he'd take over as the starting quarterback and lead the team to big things. 

“Once I'm in it's going to be over,” said Favre, who entered camp serving as a backup to starter Don Majkowski. “I really believe it. Just like college."

Favre, who was just 22 and had been acquired by the Packers in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons six months earlier, was already talking about taking Green Bay to the Super Bowl.

“At 22, you don't want to treat your job as the end of your road,” he told the Milwaukee Journal's Bob McGinn. “I still want to have some fun, but my reason for being here is to lead them to the Super Bowl."

Favre was asked if he had the talent to be compared with the likes of Dan Marino, John Elway and Troy Aikman.

"I can do anything they can do," he said. "I just haven't proven it yet."

Fast forward 16 years and one fateful day later, and Favre was sent packing on Aug. 6, 2008, in a trade with the New York Jets for a conditional third-round pick.

Just like that, Favre’s playing days with the Packers were done.

What won't be forgotten, however, were how those two days in August – 16 years and 24 hours apart – spanned an incredible, storied run for both Favre and the Packers franchise.

As we look back 10 years since the trade that sent Favre to the Jets, here’s a brief collection of original newspaper accounts of how both events unfolded on the days they happened, as well as a few other memorable Favre stories from his early days with the Packers:

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