Note: This story was published in the Milwaukee Journal on Feb. 12, 1992.

Here were selected comments from NFL scouts regarding quarterback Brett Favre before the 1991 draft:

John Butler, Buffalo: "He is so interesting. Son of a coach, overcame some adversity with the wreck, I think he's just a pure winner. Twice this year he came from behind in the last seconds to win games. Anything you wanted to play, even shooting marbles, he'd want to win so bad. He reminds me a lot temperament-wise of Jim Kelly. Jimmy Kelly doesn't always look pretty getting things done, either."

Tom Braatz, formerly of Green Bay: "He can throw the 20-yard out with zip on it. His touch is the questionable thing. He likes to just get back and hum it. (His coach) said they didn't try to change him. He was so good (in college) that they didn't try to improve on his techniques. That was important in your evaluation. When you get him now he's not going to be technique perfect."

Joe Woolley, Philadelphia: "I really like him. He had 32 inches taken out of his intestines, missed the first game and that was it. He's tougher than a wood hauler's ---. He doesn't have great accuracy all the time. Early in the year he looked like a guy who had his gut cut open and had a hard time standing up straight. He threw a lot of balls into the ground. Later on he played pretty good. He's a winner."

Dick Corrick, formerly of Houston, now Atlanta: "He has the best pure arm of anybody in the draft. His arm strength does make him very interesting. He's just wild. They go all over the place. He seems to play better in games than what he does during the week. He's got that intangible thing. They beat Alabama. They beat some people because of him."

Reed Johnson, Denver: "I think he really competes. I think he's got charisma and leadership qualities, that old Archie Manning, Huckleberry Finn good old guy stuff. He's been in charge."

Ron Hughes, Detroit: "Very courageous kid. He was in that car accident and he came back and played. He was sick and he lost a lot of weight. Against Auburn he brought them back. Very competitive kid."