Packers Morning Buzz: Aaron Rodgers vs. 'The World He Created'

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Welcome to your Morning Buzz, rounding up news and views regarding the Green Bay Packers from around the web and here at

We'll start with The MMQB's Conor Orr ranking the NFL's top five offseason feuds. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers naturally ranks high on the list, but his feud isn't actually against another person.

Orr writes:

2. Aaron Rodgers vs. The World He Created

Whatever your opinion of the Packers quarterback and how he handled the fallout of a deeply reported piece from Bleacher Report about the deterioration of his relationship with Mike McCarthy, it’s hard to deny that he led us down this road a little bit. At the least, it’s a little late for stuff like this, no? His unhappiness was so evident, whether it was the mile-long eye-rolling on the field or the games of passive-aggressive press conference ping-pong. Now Rodgers has to play and operate in a world where the substance behind it all has been dug from underneath the surface and laid bare for the world to see.

Click here to see which feud finished ahead of Rodgers':

Rodgers made the stunning revelation that he played the entire 2018 season with a fractured leg:

Even on the Packers Tailgate Tour, Rodgers' relationship with McCarthy is a hot topic:

Pete Dougherty writes about why the Packers have the luxury of spending their No. 12 draft pick on another interior pass rusher:

Former Packers defensive back Micah Hyde lauds Rodgers' leadership:

The folks at "Good Morning Football" like how Rodgers has responded to the Bleacher Report article:

Sports yapper Colin Cowherd credits Rodgers for knowing how to play "to his base":

But on the same show, former Packers receiver and leading Rodgers critic Greg Jennings says he has tried to talk privately to his former quarterback and been rebuffed:

The Packers could host three preseason games:

The Texans can be thankful it won't be snowing in August:

A familiar face awaits in the exhibition opener:

Which of these names will get the call from Green Bay on draft night?

Will 2020 be the year the Packers draft Rodgers' potential successor?

And finally: These Packers go to the head of the class:


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