Packers Morning Buzz: Rodgers-LaFleur pairing 'good chemistry experiment'

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Welcome to your Morning Buzz, rounding up news and views regarding the Green Bay Packers from around the web and here at

We'll start with the esteemed Peter King of NBC Sports writing about "The Relationship" between veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers and rookie coach Matt LaFleur. "Everyone inside and outside the Packers building is taking their temperature," King observed in his annual visit to Green Bay's training camp last week.

King writes:

Rodgers is trying to adjust to a system that’s the first major change for him in his pro career. Talking to him after practice, he sounds like he’s ready for it. “A lot of it is different,” he said. “The NFL is a copycat league and there’s a lot of similar concepts. But it’s definitely different than the last 11 years and we’ve been doing. It’s fun. It’s stuff you’ve seen the Rams do and Atlanta do and San Fran. We all watch football. We’re all fans. We watch and think, That play’s pretty cool.‘ Now you’re sitting in an install meeting and you’re like, ‘Hey, that was that play from this game. That’s the one from the LA.-Minnesota game that we saw.’ Definitely a lot more studying. I don’t know this like the back of my hand like I did the last offense yet, but I’m getting there.”

“Confident it’ll work well?” I asked.

“Yeah. Definitely.”

If it does, this is going to be one fun offense to watch. Imagine Rodgers, already one of the smartest quarterbacks ever to play, playing at a faster pace, snapping the ball at 18 or 16 on the play clock four or five plays in a row. Think of how that could discombobulate the defense. The Relationship is going to be a good chemistry experiment for the 2019 Packers.

You can read King's entire column here:

In a sitdown with our Pete Dougherty,  Rodgers talks about being open to playing more from the pocket:

In the least surprising news of the day, former Packers receiver Greg Jennings doesn't think Rodgers' pairing with LaFleur is going to work:

Vegas odds-makers expect plenty of TD passes from No. 12:

And for those who just can't get enough of Rodgers:

As expected, the Packers brought in a fullback to help at an injury-depleted position:

Here's Tommy Bohanon scoring on a play drawn up by new Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett:

Packers wide receiver J'Mon Moore admits he needs to concentrate better:

If true, it would seem the Packers are intent on finding a successor to Mason Crosby:

It certainly could have made the Packers' kicking competition more interesting:

An impressive rating for the Packers rookie:

Hints of concern about the quarterback in the Windy City:

The Packers are getting their props after turning 100 Sunday:

Quite a bit of difference (in terms of championships, Hall of Famers, etc.) between ranking the top 100 Packers and this assignment:

Could be looking at a lot of empty seats in Winnipeg:

And finally yes, the Packers are now 100 years and two days old .... check out the photos:

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