We went through every Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass in his career. Then, we ranked them all.

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has thrown 374 NFL touchdown passes. We rank all of them.

Aaron Rodgers has thrown quite a few touchdown passes in his time as an NFL quarterback. He's thrown 374 of them, to be exact. 

Now, they are all assembled in one place. And ranked.

Introducing the Rodgers Project.

I set out to produce the complete ranking of every touchdown thrown in Rodgers' career. The goal wasn't to just look for the "most impressive" touchdown from a pure throwing standpoint, or even his "most meaningful" or "most clutch." 

The objective to was find the overall best touchdown pass in the career of one of the game's most talented quarterbacks by taking into account all factors, including throw difficulty, game situation and more. 

The rankings were based on three categories, each weighted differently. 

The first category looked at the throw itself and was scored on a scale from 0.1 to 10. This takes into account the difficulty and impressiveness of both the throw and any evading of rushers that it took to make the throw, as well as any other relevant factors. While it's impossible to completely remove the receiver from a throw, an effort was made tried to separate incredible catches (such as this one) or impressive runs after the catch (like this) as much as possible from the actual pass itself. 

Next came situation. This was weighted on a scale from 0.1 to 7, with a large majority of throws falling between a score of 1 and 2.5 —  the thought being that the throws in crucial moments and big games should carry a bit more weight than a touchdown in a Week 4 game that finished 28-10.

The third and final category was labeled as "other." This could be anything that isn't aptly accounted for by either of the first two categories. Was the throw Rodgers' first career touchdown? Or was it a throw made hobbled with a calf injury in a de facto NFC North championship game in Week 17? Or was it one of his record-tying six touchdowns in a half? This category was scaled from 0-5, with most throws not registering any significant points. 

Why different scales for different aspects of the throw? The idea was to weigh the throw itself the heaviest, then the situation and then "other."

Let's get to what you came here for: every touchdown pass from Rodgers' NFL career (plus one called back by penalty), ranked. 

20. 44 yards to Donald Driver, 2008 Week 5 vs. Atlanta

In his first season as the starter, Rodgers showed many glimpses of what was to come. This particular throw isn't one that comes to the top of even the most diehard fans' heads right away when thinking of Rodgers' best throws. Yet, not only did he drop a throw more than 50 yards downfield right into a bucket between two defenders, but he did so while playing with a separated throwing shoulder that afternoon.

19. 27 yards to James Jones, 2015 Week 11 vs. Minnesota

Rodgers has had his share of statement games in his career, and this throw was the exclamation mark on one of those. The Packers, after a 6-0 start, had dropped three consecutive games and traveled to face the rival Vikings, who were on a five-game winning streak. On the first snap of the fourth quarter, Rodgers extended the play to his right and fired a dart over the head of a defender and right to the spot on the sideline where Jones, in his famous "Hoodie Game," was running for a perfect pitch-and-catch. 

18. 12 yards to Davante Adams, 2017 Week 5 vs. Dallas

After the Cowboys scored to take the lead with 1:13 remaining, the Packers drove the ball right back down the field and into field goal range thanks in large part to an 18-yard scramble by Rodgers on a third down. Immediately after, the Packers attacked cornerback Jourdan Lewis on a fade to Adams, but the pass was defended by Lewis. 

Green Bay went back to the well. Once again split wide left and matched on Lewis, Adams this time created a bit more separation off the line, and Rodgers put the ball much higher than his first attempt and to the back shoulder. Adams high-pointed the ball while Lewis was left defenseless for the go-ahead score with 11 seconds to play.

It was the Mona Lisa of Rodgers' injury-shortened 2017 in which he had 13 touchdowns, three interceptions and a passer rating of 104.7 before breaking his collarbone in Week 6. Plus, this throw gave life to this legendary photo, taken right after the Cowboys scored to take the lead.

17. 22 yards to Randall Cobb, 2012 Week 11 vs. Detroit

Facing a 3rd-and-1 and down by six on the first play after the 2-minute warning in the fourth quarter, Rodgers locked in on Cobb out of the slot on his left. With Cobb’s defender playing outside leverage on the corner route, Rodgers floated the ball back toward the inside. The defender, expecting Cobb to continue toward the back pylon, overran the play just slightly as Cobb adjusted to the throw. The ball landed in Cobb’s arms fractions of a second before the safety could range over to make a play on the ball, marking another late game-winner delivered on a dime. 

16. 39 yards to Geronimo Allison, 2018 Week 1 vs. Chicago

This throw, which launched a memorable comeback, was delivered to perfection. And it was done on one good leg. Rodgers left the game in the first half with what was eventually announced to be a tibial plateau fracture and a sprained MCL in his left knee but returned for the third quarter to torch the rival Bears, as he has so often done. Trailing by 17 points early in the fourth, he took a deep shot against single coverage, connecting with Allison for a play that looks better and better each time you watch the below GIF.

15. 50 yards to Greg Jennings, 2009 Week 1 vs. Chicago

Trailing 15-13 with 1:18 left in the fourth in the Sunday Night Football season-opener, Rodgers found an open Jennings down the field for the game-winning strike just before pressure from rushers on either side got to him. The Packers ran a play-action fake to Ryan Grant and sent only two receivers down the field on the route. The throw hit Jennings in stride, and he strode in for the game-winning score. It was Rodgers’ first go-ahead fourth-quarter touchdown pass of his career, perhaps becoming his first big memorable moment, as well as his first win over the Jay Cutler-led Bears.

14. 75 yards to Cobb, 2018 Week 1 vs. Chicago

Oh, look here, another play against the Bears.

Minutes after the Allison touchdown above, the Packers faced a 3rd-and-10 from their own 25 with 2:29 left in regulation. Green Bay picked up the initial Chicago pressure well, allowing Rodgers to roam slightly to his left with nothing immediately open. Spotting Cobb cutting off his crossing route, Rodgers floated a pass just past the fingertips of safety Eddie Jackson. From there, Cobb is off the races, following blocks and weaving his way to the end zone to tie the game. Mason Crosby’s extra point gave the Packers the lead for good. 

13. Rodgers to Adams, 2016 Week 12 vs. Philadelphia

Days before this Monday Night Football showdown at Philadelphia, Rodgers matter-of-factly informed reporters that he thought the Packers, sitting at 4-6, could “run the table” and win the division. En route to doing just that, Green Bay beat the Eagles 27-13. The most notable pass from Rodgers came on the first play of the second quarter at the Philadelphia 20-yard line, with the score knotted at 7-7.

With Adams running down the left sideline, there was almost no room to fit in a throw with cornerback Nolan Carroll draped in coverage. Carroll, however, didn't get his head around in time, allowing Rodgers to drop the ball between the unsuspecting defender’s arms and to Adams in perfect stride near the back of the end zone. 

12.  29 yards to Jordy Nelson, Super Bowl XLV vs. Pittsburgh

Packers fans don't need to be reminded, but the team has been to only one Super Bowl with Rodgers at quarterback. Considering that fact, Rodgers' Super Bowl touchdowns were at a premium in this exercise. His first of the Packers' 31-25 win over Pittsburgh came in a scoreless tie late in the first quarter and went to one of his all-time favorite targets.

Matched up in single coverage on the outside, Nelson got a good release on cornerback William Gay and took off down the sideline on a fade. Rodgers offered a slight play-action fake to Brandon Jackson and let it fly. Nelson didn’t have much separation on Gay, but the throw came in before the veteran cornerback could react. It was "a perfectly-thrown ball,” according to Fox color analyst Troy Aikman.   

11. 5 yards to Adams, 2016 wild-card round vs. New York Giants

Trailing, 6-0, late in the second quarter, it seemed early on that the Packers might be headed for another playoff exit at home against the Giants. But on 2nd-and-goal from the 5, Green Bay finally worked its way onto the scoreboard. 

The Packers picked up New York’s four-man rush almost to perfection and five receivers went out on routes. Seeing nothing open, Rodgers danced around the pocket and waited. And waited. And waited. Eight seconds after taking the snap and having completed his audition for Dancing with the Stars, Rodgers fired a dart to Adams with a small window in the corner of the end zone. 

See said window below.

10. 10 yards to Allison, 2016 Week 17 vs. Detroit

Over a stretch of four years, three times Green Bay played in a de facto NFC North title game in Week 17. This was the last of those games, each won by the Packers, and part  of the stretch where they famously "ran the table." 

Here, Rodgers’ ability to buy time was on display as much as ever, with the Sunday Night Football broadcast clocking 8.78 seconds from snap to pass on the play. With nothing initially open, Rodgers rolled out to his left, juked an oncoming rusher, waited patiently and then released a low dart toward the back of the end zone for Allison. A linebacker was blanketing Allison on the play, but that mattered none to Rodgers, whose low-and-away placement allowed the rookie receiver to go down and snag the ball.  

9. The 34-yard throw to Adams that never happened, 2014 Week 4 vs. Chicago

Every other throw on this list actually counted for six points. This one did not, but it’s simply too good to keep off the list. It’s an absolute masterpiece from Rodgers that encapsulates his pocket presence, mobility, arm strength and overall uncanny talent. It’s probably best to just let the play speak for itself, and it’s arguably the most impressive throw on this list, but it had to be bumped it down the rankings a bit because the official records indicate that it never actually happened due to a holding call.

This game was one of the best of Rodgers’ career, anyway. His 302 yards and four touchdowns added up to the third-highest passer rating of his career. If you editorialize a bit and account for this throw to Adams, his passer rating would have been 154.9, the second-highest in a game in his career.

8. 42 yards to Cobb, 2016 wild-card round vs. New York Giants

The most recent of Rodgers' three Hail Mary touchdowns is the first to crack the list. Just over 2 minutes after the touchdown to Adams (No. 11 on this list), Green Bay had the ball at New York’s 42 with 6 seconds to play. Rodgers rolled a few steps to his right and uncorked a pass toward the end zone. Four Giants were in the area, but it dropped right over their hands to Cobb just in front of the end line to close out the half. 

7. 13 yards to Richard Rodgers, 2014 divisional round vs. Dallas

This is another one of Rodgers' big-moment throws. The Packers trailed Dallas 21-20 with 9:17 left in the fourth quarter with the ball at Dallas' 13-yard line, where it was 1st-and-10. To this point on the drive, Rodgers, playing with a strain and a partial tear in his calf, had gone 6 for 6 for 65 yards. 

Rodgers felt the pocket start to collapse and stepped up, brushing off a one-armed grasp by a Dallas rusher. He kept his eyes downfield and, despite hampered mobility, bought himself enough time to zip a pass to Richard Rodgers in a tight window between a pair of defenders near the back of the end zone, 26 yards away. The throw served as the eventual game-winner in what came to be the game most remembered for Dez Bryant's no-catch.

6. 48 yards to Cobb, 2013 Week 17 vs. Chicago

It wasn’t a playoff game, but Green Bay’s season still came down to this play. In the winner-take-all Week 17 matchup with the Bears at Soldier Field, the Packers faced a 4th-and-8 from Chicago’s 48-yard line, trailing 28-27 with 46 seconds left in regulation. The game was Rodgers’ first back from a collarbone injury suffered in Week 9 against the same Bears. 

A key block from John Kuhn helped Rodgers buy just enough time to his left to spot Cobb streaking past defensive back Chris Conte. From there, it was pitch-and-catch for the go-ahead touchdown to send the Packers to the postseason and eliminate the Bears.

5. 1 yard to Korey Hall, 2008 Week 1 vs. Minnesota

For the first time since September 1992, a man other than Brett Favre was starting at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers had committed themselves to Rodgers and, with just over 10 minutes to play in the second quarter, his first touchdown as the starter came on a 3rd-and-goal pass from the 1.

Fully equipped with two tight ends and two fullbacks, Rodgers faked a handoff to running back Ryan Grant, who chipped defensive end Jared Allen to the ground. With Allen rolling at his feet and pressure in his face, Rodgers fired a pass from an odd angle to Hall. From the field-level end zone camera angle, it's a play that looks like it has no business working. But, as he would go on to do many times, Rodgers fit the throw in a spot where there was little to no room for error.

4. 29 yards to Adams, 2016 Week 1 vs. Jacksonville

Speaking of little to no room, here's a throw as insane as any Rodgers has made. 

With Jalen Ramsey, an untouched rusher, dragging him down from behind, Rodgers flipped a ball 35 yards down the field to Adams, who, likewise, had a defender draped all over him.

3. 61 yards to Richard Rodgers, 2015 Week 13 vs. Detroit

It’s a throw you’ve certainly re-watched countless times (unless, of course, you’re a Lions fan). Off the snap, Detroit rushed three. Rodgers started to move to his left, got cut off by two Lions and reversed course. Finding himself in the clear, he got his momentum going forward and sent a pass from Green Bay's 35-yard line. The throw traveled high and far, nearly scraping the rafters at Ford Field. The throw lands in Richard Rodgers’ mitts right in front of the ‘N’ in ‘Lions’ as the defense left him unmarked three yards deep into the end zone.

Realistically, the Packers shouldn’t have even been in a spot for this Rodgers-to-Rodgers connection. First, they trailed 20-0 with 6 minutes to play in the third quarter. Then, after cutting the lead to 23-21, all appeared lost when Rodgers was brought down at his own 24-yard line as time expired in regulation. But a facemask penalty extended the game, giving Green Bay one more untimed down from its own 39-yard line. 

It was Rodgers' first Hail Mary and one of the first throws that will play on his Canton induction clip. 

2. 41 yards to Jeff Janis, 2015 divisional round vs. Cardinals

A Hail Mary, launched 60 yards without his feet planted while rolling left and getting hit, as time expired to send a playoff game into overtime. Yeah, that will work.

Just weeks after Rodgers’ Hail Mary to beat Detroit, the Cardinals weren’t going to sit back and play the same type of defense. Instead, they sent seven men after Rodgers. Feeling immediate pressure, Rodgers spun around to his left and rolled that way. He was 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage by the time he threw the ball with an Arizona defender in his face. After Rodgers' heave, Janis out-jumped a pair of defensive backs with double zeroes on the clock. Perhaps no throw by Rodgers has ever carried more weight based on the situation.

1. 21 yards to Jennings, Super Bowl XLV vs. Pittsburgh

Behold, the best all-things-considered touchdown throw of Rodgers' career. 

The Packers had the ball at Pittsburgh’s 21-yard line in Super Bowl XLV, leading 14-3 with just more than 2 minutes to go in the first half. Jarrett Bush (no, not a typo) had just intercepted Ben Roethlisberger and, on the play prior to this touchdown, James Starks made Troy Polamalu look silly. An ad for the halftime show featuring the Black Eyed Peas flashed on the screen. The 2010 season was wild.  

With 10 seconds on the play clock, Jennings motioned across the formation to the slot on Rodgers’ left, flanked by Nelson and Jones. Jennings ran up the seam and, the moment he got inside of linebacker James Farrior to create enough of a throwing angle, Rodgers stepped up and fired a pass toward the end zone. Safety Ryan Clark closed quickly, but the velocity of the pass allowed the ball to reach Jennings before the safety’s right hand could break it up. Jennings hung on despite a hit from Polamalu, then celebrated by putting an invisible ring on his right index finger.

The Hail Mary touchdowns may typically carry more aura around them, but given the combination of both the situation — Rodgers' only Super Bowl appearance to this point — and the impeccable precision the throw required, this is the greatest touchdown pass of his career.

The rest of the throws, ranked

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