Field Access: Inside Packers cornerback Chandon Sullivan's interception against Cowboys

Ryan Wood
Packers News
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Our "Field Access" series features players discussing how the Packers executed a key play or plays.

Before he looked like Nick Collins, kneeling in the end zone, football hoisted in the air like a trophy, Green Bay Packers cornerback Chandon Sullivan looked like a wide receiver.

His interception Sunday of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was not a play every cornerback can make. Prescott’s pass would have been on target for Cowboys receiver Randall Cobb, but it was behind Sullivan. The young corner adjusted to the football, reaching out with both arms and snaring it with his hands.

“You see the ball,” Sullivan said. “Go get the ball. That’s just our motto on defense. So I’m just fortunate enough to make the play.”

Green Bay Packers defensive back Chandon Sullivan (39) intercepts a Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott pass in front of wide receiver Randall Cobb (18) in the first half of an NFL football game in Arlington, Texas, Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019.

The play, though, was made more impressive not by Sullivan’s catch, but how he baited Prescott into throwing the pass.

Sullivan lined up over Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper in the slot, mirroring man coverage. It’s what defensive coordinator Mike Pettine usually calls in the secondary. But on this play, the Packers were actually in Cover 2.

So instead of following Cooper on his drag route, Sullivan released the Pro Bowler to the middle of the field and sat in the seam. That’s where Prescott’s pass arrived.

“I just wanted to give Dak a difficult look,” said Sullivan, who played 38 snaps Sunday after being on the field for just five plays in the first four games. “I was able to bait him a little bit, and he threw it up and made a difficult play. So it’s hats off to all of us for disguising it and making it look like it was man coverage.

“We just wanted to disguise, and hopefully he’ll throw us one. That’s what we were able to do.”

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