Packers' Davante Adams unsure of timetable for return from 'major injury'

Jim Owczarski
Packers News
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GREEN BAY – Davante Adams, technically, remains day-to-day as he recovers from a turf toe injury suffered against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sept. 26. But for the 26-year-old Green Bay Packers wide receiver, there’s more to the injury than anything he has dealt with before.

Namely, the pain involved.

Adams has suffered and played through his share of injuries, including a significant ankle injury in 2015, but he admitted the pain and the inability to even create a push off the ground was alarming. Calling it a “major injury,” he wasn’t about to speculate on a potential return date.

“We’re just really trying to pace it at this point,” Adams said. “I can’t really tell you when I’m going to play. It doesn’t feel how I want it to feel at the moment, but we definitely have time, so we’ll just kind of play this thing (out), and I know Mr. (Matt) LaFleur will definitely be able to take care of any other questions regarding that.”

In order to get back on the field in any capacity, Adams has to get to a point where he can regain that very important part of his game — his sometimes other-worldly footwork — and he’s not sure when that might be.

“There's things I can do, but we'll keep a lot of that in house right now,” he said. “I can move around on it, but me moving around on it and feeling like it's feeling better that day or not in pain just sitting there is a lot different than having to break tackles and cut and release and things like that.”

Adams reiterated that surgery won’t be needed on the damaged ligaments in his toe, but acknowledged there’s a chance it could get worse or linger longer if he pushes to return too quickly.

“Well, the fact of the matter is I’m not playing through anything when it comes to this, it’s not a toughness thing,” he said. “I’ve shown you guys, I’ve shown the world what being tough looks like on the football field. I’m not interested in winning any medal of honor awards. I’m going to get back when it’s healed and it’s ready to go. I’m going to listen to my body and listen to my doctors."

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