New fathers Davante Adams, Christian Kirksey staying safe and in shape at home

Jim Owczarski
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Packers receiver Davante Adams is working out at home and enjoying his parenting time.

GREEN BAY - Two of the Green Bay Packers’ most prominent players are navigating more than just staying safe at home and staying in shape: Wide receiver Davante Adams and linebacker Christian Kirksey are also new fathers.

Adams welcomed daughter Deija Leigh on Sept. 20 and Kirksey welcomed Aria Chanel about four months ago. The coronavirus pandemic has put much into perspective regarding their usual offseason activities.

“Man, just staying indoors, staying away from all the possibilities of running into somebody who could potentially have it,” Adams said. “With me having this baby it’s not something I’m really willing to risk like that, so a lot of my trips and stuff have gotten canceled. Yeah man, just staying out the way.”

Kirksey initially was working one-on-one with trainers near his San Diego residence, but once gyms and such close-contact facilities gradually shut down he had to get creative — especially because he lives in a condo. The only specialized training he’s getting is from a yoga instructor, as Kirksey has taken up that activity this offseason.

Packers linebacker Christian Kirksey is going back to the basics in his offseason training.

“I have a little machine called an ArpWave machine so I can get on that and do some workouts on that,” Kirksey said of the rehabilitative device. “Just go back to the basics, man. I know a lot of times in year 2020 it’s all this high-tech gear and all these gadgets to work out, but man, honestly, with all that’s going on right now with the virus and people isolation, it’s important for people to go back to the basics. Whether it’s doing simple pushups, situps. Cardio. Taking a run because they still allow runs. I’m doing sprints in the parking garage.

“I go in the parking garage and run laps up (it). Going back to the basics, man. That’s really what I’m doing. Whatever I can get a workout in with, that’s what I’m doing.”

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Adams is also doing what he can without heading out.

“I’ve got a home gym here so I just get in there and it’s got everything I need at the house,” he said. “I’m blessed enough to have that. I know a lot of people have to do some makeshift workouts and stuff like that whereas I can kind of pick up where I left off, other than the running routes part. I can still run the treadmill and get my weightlifting in.”

The pair won’t be returning to Green Bay for the foreseeable future, as the league is about to embark on a virtual offseason. And, as California residents, there is no precise timeline for when Gov. Gavin Newsome will lift his stay-at-home order. But it has allowed for some quality family time.

“Everything is all good,” Kirksey said. “And I’m looking positive with everything that’s going on.”

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