Looking for a Zoom background of Lambeau Field? We've got you covered

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If you're working from home, you're probably using some sort of video conferencing platform like Zoom to conduct meetings. Likewise if you're doing a group video chat with friends or family.

Rather than stressing over people seeing your messy living room or your cat creeping near your shoulder, how about using a photo of iconic Lambeau Field as your background?

We have several backgrounds you can select. Here's how to set it up in Zoom:

1) Download one of our backgrounds to your device.

2) Before you start your call, click on the Virtual Background icon in your video preview or, if you don't have your video preview on, click on "Choose Virtual Background" in the dropdown next to Start Video.

3) Click on the + icon to choose a background from your device.

4) Amaze your colleagues and friends.

These are our backgrounds:

Lambeau Field
Lambeau Field during Packers game
Empty Lambeau Field bowl.
Lambeau Field exterior
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