Packers Morning Buzz: Kenny Stills would be 'perfect fit' as downfield threat

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Houston Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills (12) scores a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs during the first quarter in a AFC Divisional Round playoff football game at Arrowhead Stadium.

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Like ESPN's Bill Barnwell a few weeks ago, Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports sees the logic of a Packers trade to acquire Texans receiver Kenny Stills:

Benjamin presents this trade proposal:

Packers get: WR Kenny Stills, 2021 seventh-round pick

Texans get: 2021 fourth-round pick

Green Bay went above and beyond to prepare for the future by dedicating its top two 2020 draft picks to potential successors at quarterback and running back, but with Brian Gutekunst forecasting plenty more years of Aaron Rodgers, there's no reason the Packers shouldn't be calling about any available wide receivers. Devin Funchess is an underrated red-zone breakout candidate, but there's no way Matt LaFleur shouldn't welcome an upgrade opposite Davante Adams. Stills would be the perfect fit as a downfield threat, and while Houston could certainly use him, Bill O'Brien loves himself a trade. He's also reconfigured the WR room enough that Stills and his $7 million cap hit have been deemed expendable.

You can read about four other trades that make sense to Benjamin here:

Former Packers wide receiver James Jones lists his five all-time favorite teammates, and his top choice is a given (but his description of what it's like to catches passes from No. 12 is fascinating):

1) Aaron Rodgers, quarterback, Green Bay Packers

Rodgers was Jones' teammate from 2007 to 2013 and in 2015 with the Green Bay Packers.

Fans, coaches and media members alike rave about Rodgers' ability, but a lot of those people don't understand just how talented he is. And I don't think I would have, either, if I didn't share the field with him. He's a special athlete and thrower inside or outside the pocket. When I took the field with Rodgers, there was so much comfort in knowing he was a guy who could put the ball anywhere he wanted. I felt like I was never covered. And I'm a receiver! Even when the defensive back was in perfect position, I knew A-Rod was going to throw the ball to where only I could get it. I've seen him make some incredible throws — and some of the best happened in practice.

Surprisingly, Brett Favre ranks only third on Jones' list. You can find out who placed second here:

Rodgers is often accused of being risk-averse since he strives to avoid interceptions, yet the Packers quarterback appears nowhere on these Pro Football Focus checkdown-frequency lists:

If he can finally stay healthy, Christian Kirksey could make a big difference in the Packers' defense:

Former Packers executive Andrew Brandt opens up on what he sees as Green Bay's lack of diversity:

Culture shock dominated my first few years in Green Bay, a place as homogenous (white) as any I have ever seen, before or since. Although I didn't see overt discrimination or racism in the traditional sense of those words, I did find a surprising (to me) level of ignorance about other races and religions. I remember one time I mentioned to a group of coworkers that I was going to attend a bar mitzvah, and they looked at me like I said I was going to Mars. ...

Trying to recruit black players to Green Bay could be challenging, and I got this question often: “Andrew, are there any black people up there besides the players?”

Green Bay wraps itself around its sports team like no other place I have seen, but it is certainly not diverse. Part of the reason I left is I felt my sons needed to experience diversity.

The entire column can be found here:

This news was greeted with enthusiasm by media members and fans on Twitter:

Of course, there's now the question of whether this game will even be played:

This report has the Packers (and most other teams) reporting to training camp July 28, while acknowledging that coronavirus concerns could bring changes:

And finally: Although Matt LaFleur returned to his Lambeau Field office Friday, not all coaching staffs are in a hurry to get back into their facilities:

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