Packers kicker Mason Crosby feeling 'strong' after recovery from mild COVID-19 symptoms

Ryan Wood
Packers News
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GREEN BAY - When Mason Crosby first reported for the start of Green Bay Packers training camp, his initial test for COVID-19 was negative. 

It made sense to Crosby. The veteran kicker did not feel particularly ill. Regardless, Crosby was tested again the next day, same as all other players because of the NFL’s protocols safeguarding access into team facilities at the start of camp. 

When that test was positive, it derailed the start of Crosby’s 14th training camp with the Packers. 

“Fortunately,” Crosby said, “my symptoms were very mild, and I went through the 10-day protocol as everyone else has, and I was able to get back on the field I think as fast as I possibly could have, just through that first protocol situation. So feel really good right now, feel strong, feel like I’m kicking the ball really well. 

“I do believe that the (players association) and the NFL, the negotiations and the policies that we put into place have worked well, especially in a situation like that where nobody got in the building that might have been exposed or tested positive before we even started coming in as a group.” 

It was surprising, Crosby said, to test positive given his relative lack of symptoms. He said he socially distanced this offseason, limiting his interactions to his family. 

While he’s glad to sidestep the hypothetical, Crosby is fortunate the coronavirus pandemic did not affect the 2019 season. It was one year ago when Crosby’s wife, Molly, battled a rare form of lung cancer.  

The Crosbys ultimately decided, after consulting with doctors, that enough time had passed with Molly’s cancer in remission that Mason could safely play this season. 

“I’m not a speculator,” Crosby said, “but I would think that if this situation would’ve occurred last year, it might’ve been a different conversation just based on where we were at that moment with her health. But, yeah, just thankful that she’s healthy, and she is not having any residual effects from her tumor that she had last year, and we really didn’t have to dive too deep down that path.” 

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