Packers fan ratings: You can guess how these turned out

Larry Gallup
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Green Bay Packers fans recognized the team's 38-10 drubbing by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday for what it was — a dismal performance all around.

No position group averaged even a score of three on a one-to-five scale from the about 900 people who voted in our postgame rankings.

The fans gave their worst score — a 1.5 — to the Packers' beleaguered offensive line, which gave up five sacks. About 60% of voters rated the line as a one — termed "terrible" on our scale.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who threw one pick-six and another interception for nearly another score on his next possession, got the next-worse score, at 1.7 — 85% of voters ranked Rodgers at one or two.

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The coaching staff and the defense didn't fare much better. The coaches got a 1.8 rating, while the defensive line got a 1.8 and the linebackers and defensive backs each got a 1.9. The defense allowed 158 rushing yards and mustered little pressure against Bucs quarterback Tom Brady, who threw for two touchdowns.

As for the rest of the Packers offense, the receivers got a 2.0 rating and the running backs got a 2.2. The special teams, led by punter J.K. Scott's effort, got an almost-passable 2.8. 

If you still want to give us your ratings, you can here. If you'd rather just forget about this game, we understand:

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