The internet tells us a bunch of things that Packers fans probably didn't know about themselves

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GREEN BAY – Here's another thing Green Bay Packers fans have to be happy about: the Aaron Rodgers diet plan.

In the weeks leading up to the start of the NFL season, the inbox is flooded with enigmatic "studies" that supposedly offer insights into the behaviors of fans and other esoterica. A case in point, the discovery by that fans of teams that win the most consume fewer post-game calories. Aaron Rodgers prevents stress eating (this off-season notwithstanding).

Here are some other such insights: 

  • Also from, a report on which fans of teams would be least likely to date those from other teams. This one might surprise you. Or maybe not.
  • And one more from, Packers shareholders who receive annual dividend — um — well, anyway, shareholders will be interested to know that the Packers will have income of $626.8 million by 2025. 
  •, in a surprising finding, says Packers fans are only 15th among fan bases that drink the most. Booze, not water.
  • says Green Bay is the 15th-best professional sports city.
  • Action Network — the sports-betting website, not the progressive political organization —  says Green Bay is the eighth-best city in which to experience an NFL gameday.
The jersey Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is wearing in this game against the Detroit Lions in 2013 was auctioned for more than $40,000 on Saturday.

More wins, less food

Cheese and beer can take your average fan from despair to bliss — and quickly back to despair again when he/she/they step on the bathroom scale. According to, as long as the Packers keep winning, you can be glad you don't live in Jacksonville.

The 1-15 Jaguar fans consumed an extra 5,220 calories last year. And, hey, bonus, there are 17 games this year. Somebody pass the cheese plate, or whatever they eat in Jacksonville.

Packers (13-3) and Kansas City Chiefs (14-2) fans, on the other hand, consumed 1,260 and 1,800 fewer calories, respectively, than normal. Who says winning isn't satisfying?

You want me to date who?!

The Packers and Chicago Bears have one of the most longstanding rivalries in professional sports, but sometimes you get the feeling it's more of a love/mildly dislike relationship, at least on the part of Packers fans. The Bears Still Suck, of course, but it's Minnesota Vikings fans that Packers fans really, really hate. Sort of. See below.

The survey of 50 fans from each of the 32 NFL teams found that Packers fans have no attraction to Dallas Cowboys fans. Twenty percent of Packers fans said they would not want to have a Cowboys bachelor or bachelorette next to them. 

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The next four were Bears (16%), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10%), Vikings (8%) and New England Patriots (8%). There are so many mixed marriages between Packers, Bears and Vikings fans (contempt isn't the only thing familiarity breeds), you have to think those must have been some hard-core haters in the survey.

On the other hand, 24% of Bears fans — who, let's face it, have no one else to hate — said they would not date a Packers fan. After that, it's Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys. Notice how that's alphabetical? They couldn't even be bothered to skip down to Detroit.

Speaking of which, the Lions (16%) and Vikings (16%), also have Packers fans at the top of their lists. The Packers also are mentioned, in second place, by the Denver Broncos (15%) and, third place, by the Carolina Panthers (10%) and Baltimore Ravens (10%). The Ravens? Really?


Using the Forbes annual analyses of football team values as a basis, estimated Packers revenue would increase from $485 million in 2020 to $625.8 million by 2025.

Not to be nitpicky, but the Packers did not report $485 million in revenue in 2020, 0r 2019 or, well, ever. The Packers, the only NFL team to publicly reveal its financial results — only because it has to — reported $506 million in revenue in 2020. That means they have to take in an additional $24 million in revenue successively each year to achieve the mark. If you're placing a bet, take the over.

They calculate the Cowboys will be the first team to cross the $1 billion mark and that's probably accurate, which is proof enough you don't have to win much to be successful in football. 

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Tastes great, less filling

According to, Packers fans consume 3.7 alcoholic drinks per game, which, frankly, seems like slander. It says Cincinnati Bengals fans lead the league with 5.2 drinks per game. Even Bears and Lions fans rank ahead of Packers fans. Well.

Given that Green Bay and Wisconsin frequently show up in various national stories as the drunkest place on Earth, this seems like short shrift. Illinois, Michigan and Ohio don't even have cities in the top 20. 

It gets worse, depending on from which direction you are looking at this. Green Bay doesn't even rank in the top five of pregame partiers, which will come as a shock to Lambeau Field's Lot 1 denizens. 

Perhaps the methodology of the survey had much to do with the result, which got information from 2,013 self-reporting fans, average age of 38, from June 21-30, 2021. 

And to be clear, we are not suggesting that Green Bay fans, or any fans, should drink more. Fans have pretty much got that taken care of. But better polling could be appreciated.

Best of the best

Green Bay ranks 15th among cities with professional sports teams, which is not bad, considering it has only one such team. Again, methodology plays an important part in the results. This study includes data from only 2000 onwards, which means, in that time, for example, Green Bay has only one championship. Boston, which for this purpose includes Foxborough and the Patriots, leads the universe with 12 championships. 

Saying Boston and Foxborough are the same place is like saying Green Bay and Appleton are the same place, which is not a wise thing to do in front of anyone who lives in Green Bay or Appleton.

Fans sit in the rain to watch the Green Bay Packers practice at Lambeau Field during Family Night on Aug. 7, 2021.

This is the point at which it is mandatory to point out that Green Bay has 13 NFL championships, the most in the NFL by a wide margin. Even the aforementioned Patriots, who it seems win the Super Bowl every year, have less than half as many (six) championships as the Packers. And the Cowboys, America's Team (cough, cough) has five.

The study measured the average cost to attend a sporting event at a stadium in each metro area — including one ticket, two beers, one hot dog, and parking — and in that Green Bay came out on top (or on bottom if you prefer), at $193. That was $38 per game more than in Boston/Foxborough/wherever. 

The study doesn't say, but a suspicion lingers, that comparing only NFL tickets against an aggregate of NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL tickets probably gets into the apples and oranges dichotomy. 

So if you are a Packers fan and you want to say Green Bay is best, you could make the argument, stats be ... ignored.

Most game day fun

Action Network determined that Atlanta was the best place for an NFL gameday experience, when comparing cost, stadium quality and how fans feel about the team. Also ahead of Green Bay is New York, Nashville, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Phoenix and Charlotte, N.C. 

That Green Bay allegedly is the eighth-best city to experience an NFL game would certainly find issue with Packers fans, and many others who have Lambeau Field on their bucket list, but the report does say the worst game-day experience is in Chicago, which is just a little bit worse than Philadelphia, so this one might have some validity. 

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