Green Bay Packers players keep fashion casual during trip to Jacksonville to play New Orleans Saints, here's what they wore

Emmett Prosser
Packers News
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Dress well, play well.

That's often the mantra before a game or when traveling to one. 

However, when the destination is Jacksonville, it appears most Green Packers were more concerned with beating the heat.

Keeping cool overruled Joe Cool apparently. 

Before the game, Za'Darius Smith was missing the green in his gold-only look. But his mask and shirt were cut from the same cloth. 

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Aaron Jones was flashing the emerald hues and kept it consistent yesterday with his oversized lid.

Davante Adams and Randall Cobb were had a casual vibe going. 

Is Aaron giving a shout out to the Brewers? The Brew Crew has been "dinging" in a few home runs lately. 

Giannis always looks good in green. Perhaps the Bucks recalled basketball fashion statements from Smith and Jones.

And Cobb looked best in a Packer uniform. 

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