Packers running back Aaron Jones will keep wearing a necklace with his dad's ashes while playing. He can thank the equipment manager.

Ryan Wood
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Running back Aaron Jones didn't just regain the necklace containing his father's ashes after losing it following a touchdown against the Detroit Lions in Week 2.

The Packers figured out a way for Jones to continue wearing it while playing.

Equipment manager Gordon "Red" Batty sewed a pocket inside Jones' jersey, fittingly over his heart, to hold the necklace. 

"I can just drop it in there," Jones said, "and not worry about it falling out. So I can play with it."

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Jones played with his altered uniform during the team's Week 3 win against the San Francisco 49ers and had no issues with the necklace. He hopes that continues. Jones said he expects to play with the necklace throughout his career.

"Just keep my dad with me everywhere I go," Jones said. "I wear it mostly at all times. ... I think it's something I'll definitely continue to do."

Jones' dad, Alvin Jones Sr., died from COVID-19 complications in April. 

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