NFL fans across the country upset CBS didn't switch to the Packers vs. Steelers matchup and instead stayed with Titans vs. Jets

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Viewers in the Wisconsin market didn't miss a snap of the Green Bay Packers' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers

But football fans in other markets were not happy CBS didn't leave the Tennessee Titans-New York Jets game, a contest that went into overtime, in time for the Packers' 3:25 p.m. CDT kickoff. 

To make matters worse for these fans, there were no commercial breaks during the Packers-Steelers first quarter, meaning it was a speedy opening 15 minutes. 

Even though there was a score — the Steelers scored a touchdown — and punts by both teams, the CBS broadcast didn't go to a commercial break due to the national audience not being there yet. 

As we know, the Packers have fans all across the world and they're a passionate bunch. 

They took to Twitter to voice their frustrations over having to continue to watch a game many didn't care about. By the way, the Jets upset the Titans, 27-24. 

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