'It was fun': Packers QB Aaron Rodgers doesn't regret 'I still own you' troll against Bears fans

Aaron Rodgers said what he said, and he doesn't regret a word of it.

Rodgers, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, was caught on a FOX broadcast microphone telling Chicago Bears fans, "I still own you," and the moment went viral. Some have praised Rodgers for showing emotion while others have been critical, saying his behavior was unsportsmanlike. 

On The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, Rodgers opened up about the moment, which came in the final stretch of Green Bay's 24-14 victory against Chicago.

"It was definitely spur of the moment," Rodgers said Tuesday on the Pat McAfee Show. "It was fun. I don't regret it at all."

Aaron Rodgers celebrates his rushing touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears.

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The play came in the fourth quarter of the game and helped seal Green Bay's victory. On a first-and-goal from the 6-yard line, Rodgers took the snap and looked to throw left. When the pocket collapsed, however, he flushed right and started to scramble, but froze Bears linebacker Alec Ogletree with a pump fake. Rodgers then ran to the front corner of the end zone, where he extended the ball to cross the plane.

Rodgers said after the game that he saw a woman in the crowd giving him two middle fingers and that he "blacked out" before taunting the crowd with the comment.

"I get down to my knee and I look up, and all I could see and hear was obscenities, and I don't know, spur of the moment, it hit my mind," Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show. "I talked about the blacking out idea; the blacking out is just things happened that are not planned. I didn't plan on telling the crowd that I owned them. I think, based on the statistical reference of my career winning percentage down there and against them, definitely our teams have done good things. I know I used 'I' a few times, but I do think it's a 'we' thing."

Rodgers has a point. Including the playoffs, he is 22-5 against the Bears as the team's starting quarterback. Prior to making the comments to the crowd, Rodgers did his championship belt celebration. Earlier in the game, Bears defensive end Robert Quinn had done the same celebration after he made a play, but Rodgers said his celebration after the touchdown was not in response to Quinn and added that he didn't even see Quinn do it.

It wasn't only Bears fans that Rodgers had in mind after the rush. He joked on the Pat McAfee Show that current Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari and former Green Bay center Corey Linsley, who is now with the Los Angeles Chargers, have given him a hard time about his mobility.

"I am proud of my runs," Rodgers said. "There has been some local media folks in Green Bay who had talked ad nauseam about my decreasing ability to get out of the pocket and make things happen. So to have an explosive run on the first possession, to have a sneak — which that was really for my teammates, especially David Bakhtiari, the biggest troll in the facility now that Corey Linsley's not there any more — he loves to tell me what an awful quarterback sneak guy I am. It's one of his favorite things to do. So to be able to pull that one out and to be able to get the ol' pump fake working to get in the end zone was pretty special."