Dan Orlovsky's infamous play in the back of the end zone was in the back of Aaron Rodgers' mind after he narrowly averted disaster Sunday

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Aaron Rodgers isn't known for many gaffes on the football field over his Hall of Fame career. 

And he wasn't about to make one on Sunday and make any "not top 10 videos."

Following the Packers' goal-line stand of the Washington Football Team in the third quarter, Rodgers and the offense were backed up to start their drive. After a 3-yard gain, the Packers faced second down from their own 4-yard line. 

Rodgers took the snap and took several steps back looking for a receiver quickly as Washington defensive tackle Matt Ioannidis closed in. Rodgers was getting awfully close to the back of the end zone, but fortunately for himself and the Packers, he got the ball away.

The pass was incomplete but the disaster — if he would have touched the back of the end zone, it would have resulted in a safety — was avoided. 

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On Monday, retired NFL quarterback and current ESPN football analyst Dan Orlovsky tweeted a screenshot of the play with a caption: "what could have been." 

In 2008, Orlovsky, who was making his pro debut with the Detroit Lions, apparently lost track of where he was in the end zone with Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen chasing him down. He pedaled backward and then ran horizontal along the back of the end zone, resulting in a safety.

Rodgers quote retweeted Orlovsky's tweet and wrote "thought about you legit after this throw away."

On Tuesday during Rodgers' weekly appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show," Rodgers had a laugh about the play. He knew his pass was a "bit of a dicey throw." 

Rodgers said Tuesday that coach Matt LaFleur told him during the game "you were almost out of bounds there."

Oh, Rodgers knew. All he cared about, he said, was just avoiding his own "Dan Orlovsky" viral moment. 

Rodgers and Orlovsky actually go way back.

The two, he said, became fast friends after rooming together at the Elite 11 quarterback camp when they were in college.

They were both part of the 2005 NFL draft with Rodgers selected in the first round and Orlovsky in the fifth round to Detroit.

Rodgers said Orlovsky does "a good job on TV and brings some real knowledge to the table" but in this case, he "didn't want to be in the same sentence" as his buddy.

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