Social media gets its kicks as Aaron Rodgers showed off his toe during news conference

Emmett Prosser
Packers News
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Who knew Aaron Rodgers was finally ready to bare his sole?

Apparently, Rodgers' toe injury is not from a pedicure gone wrong. 

And R-E-L-A-X everybody, it's not COVID-related either.

At his Wednesday news conference, the Packers' quarterback wanted to make sure the folks at the Wall Street Journal and his fans were aware that he didn't have "COVID toe."

As proof, he actually showed off his foot.

Rodgers says he fractured his toe while he was working out while recovering from COVID.

Perhaps Rodgers felt the need to clear the air because of the various social media reactions, including this one from former Packers front office executive Andrew Brandt.

Some were still questioning if Rodgers was receiving proper medical advice.

But at least, for NFL Films can use it when they need additional footage. 

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