Packers fan Lil Wayne hypes up the playoff game on the Fox pre-game and then Aaron Jones honors the rapper with his hooded sweatshirt

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If there's a Packers playoff game, you know Lil Wayne has to make an appearance.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper and Packers superfan was spotted at the divisional playoff game.

Lil Wayne and singer Grace Weber, who performed the national anthem, posed for a photo during the game. Weber is a Wauwatosa native.

His presence was also felt before the game.

Aaron Jones, wearing his usual green and gold sombrero, arrived to the stadium with a hooded sweatshirt that featured an image of the popular hip hop artist.

Lil Wayne has professed his love for the Packers throughout the years.

Last year, at the start of the NFL playoffs, Lil Wayne released a new version of his "Green and Yellow" song that pays tribute to the Packers. His original "Green and Yellow" song was released in early 2011 during the Packers' run to the Super Bowl.

During a divisional round playoff game against Seattle in 2020, he led Lambeau Field in "Roll Out the Barrel." 

He was also at the team's home opener this season.

So it was no surprise to see Lil Wayne tweeting his support for the Packers earlier Saturday. 

And then he showed up on Fox's pre-game show hyping up the game. 

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