Twitter turns against Aaron Rodgers after Packers trade Davante Adams

Emmett Prosser
Packers News
The Packers couldn't keep both Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams.

Well, despite the fact that the Packers just committed at least $150 million to quarterback Aaron Rodgers, it looks like the Packers are going to run the ball a little more. 

The Packers traded star wide receiver Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders Thursday, reuniting Adams with his former college quarterback at Fresno State, Derek Carr.  

As for the Packers, it looks like all of Rodgers' eligible receivers are going to get a few more targets.

NFL fans were immediately poking fun at Rodgers on Twitter after the trade was announced.

Others think this isn't so bad.

Others are conflicted

And one quarterback's loss is another signal caller's gain.