Packers running back AJ Dillon's Lambeau Leap at Saturday's soccer match held up by unknowing police officer

Kassidy Hill
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GREEN BAY - AJ Dillon may be one of the most recognized faces and names around Green Bay, but the Packers' star running back seemed to be unrecognized on Saturday night at Lambeau Field. A video posted on Tik Tok by username @mlunag23 shows Dillon being confronted by a local police officer on the field level. 

During the Manchester City and FC Bayern Munich friendly at Lambeau Field, several Packers players were in attendance to take in the first international soccer game at the legendary venue. Dillon took in the game from the Bayern suite with Packers punter Pat O’Donnell. 

Weather and lightning delays caused the match to be postponed twice. Fans stayed in the stands, and in the video it appears Dillon visited the field during one of these weather delays. He is seen greeting fans before backing up to prepare for a Lambeau Leap. 

While backing up, a police officer grabs Dillon by the collar and jerks him backward. Dillon points toward the stands, seeming to explain what he’s intending to do and the officer then pushes him forward. Dillon and the cop both point toward the stands, with the latter seeming to tell the running back to get back in the stands. At that point, Dillon does leap back into the stands. 

In both a comment on the Tik Tok video and a tweet sharing the video, Dillon commented, “Two security told me and helped me come down to the field during the 30 minute rain delay, so I could do a Lambeau leap and hype up the crowd … I’m assuming he missed them telling me to come down.”

He attributed the incident as "just miscommunication" and praised Green Bay police for maintaining fan safety at the stadium during games. 

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The Green Bay Police Department issued a statement on Monday that it would conduct an internal review and praised Dillon for his support. 

"The Green Bay Police Department is aware of the social media video which shows an interaction between a Green Bay Police Officer and Green Bay Packer AJ Dillon at the soccer match at Lambeau Field on July 23, 2022. It is clear that there was a miscommunication between the Officer and Mr. Dillon. The Green Bay Police Department appreciates the perspective and supportive words from Mr. Dillon.

"The Green Bay Police Department Professional Standards/Internal Affairs Division has initiated a review of this incident." 

From what can be seen in the video, Dillon did not appear to be wearing a field pass. Players often have key cards that allow them access to field areas at all times.  

The Packers are set to begin training camp on Wednesday, and many players returned to town early for the soccer match. 

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