Aaron Rodgers 'passed information' from jumbotron on penalty before Bucs' 2-point conversion attempt

Aaron Rodgers is always watching. 

Whether it's to get a defensive player to jump offsides in which he's made famous over the years or to catch the opposition with too many players on the field, we know Rodgers has a keen sense of his surroundings on the field.

We now know the Packers' four-time MVP is keeping a close look at the jumbotron when he's on the sideline.

In his postgame interview with Fox broadcaster Tom Rinaldi after the Packers' 14-12 victory, Rodgers revealed that he "passed on the information" regarding Tampa Bay's delay of game before the Buccaneers' 2-point conversion attempt in the closing seconds.

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Rodgers said there should have been a delay of game on the previous play — a 1-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Russell Gage with 14 seconds left in the game.

"They should have on the previous play, too," Rodgers said, referencing a penalty. "It was a delay on both plays."

Before the Buccaneers' 2-point conversion, Tampa Bay was in fact called for a delay-of-game penalty, pushing the ball back five yards to the 7-yard line. 

The Packers escaped with the victory after Packers linebacker De'Vondre Campbell tipped the ball on Brady's throw into the end zone.

"Sometimes you see things in the game," Rodgers said. "Sometimes the jumbotron shows things they probably shouldn’t show, even at home.  

"I saw something and I just passed on the information."

He didn't say who he talked to on the sidelines, but in any case, a delay-of-game penalty was called on that next play.

The Packers return home next Sunday against the New England Patriots, but when they next hit the road (they play in London against the New York Giants Oct. 9), quarterback Daniel Jones and also whoever is operating the jumbotron should know that Aaron Rodgers is watching. 

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