The Packers 'paying homage to 50s' with their brutal play in first half. How Twitter is reacting to game vs. the Jets.

Christopher Kuhagen
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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The Packers brought back their 1950s throwback jerseys for Sunday's game against the New York Jets and the action on the field in the first half appears to have resembled play from that decade.

That decade was certainly not the glory years for the Packers. They were 39-79. 

The first 15 minutes of Sunday's game brought some ugly football for the Packers. 0 points, 2 first downs, 0 rushing yards, 1 for 5 on third down, 56 yards, 1 fumble (it was recovered) and almost a pick-six. And one of the first downs was gifted to the Packers after an unsportsmanlike conduct call on the Jets' bench.

The good news for Packers fans is that the Jets haven't looked much better. 

The Packers then decided to pick up where they left off to start the second quarter by getting a field goal blocked, the offense failing to take advantage of a blocked punt at one point and then there was a botched handoff between Aaron Rodgers-AJ Dillon.

How social media is reacting to this game so far.

For those wondering, these uniforms joined the rotation last year and the team will wear them for one game every year through 2025.

Aaron Jones is still on the team, right?

I thought Thursday night games usually resembled this kind of football.

Did we get sent back to the 1980s as well?

Relax, we can blame the weather, right? LOL.

Didn't Rodgers credit his use of the plant-based ayahuasca with his reMVP seasons

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