Ty Montgomery: 'We just stuck together'

Brett Christopherson
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Green Bay Packers running back Ty Montgomery co-hosted Monday's Clubhouse Live in Appleton. Watch a replay of the show at

Green Bay Packers running back Ty Montgomery co-hosted Monday's Clubhouse Live, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin’s live weekly football show.

Among the topics he touched on were the Packers' 44-21 loss to the Falcons in Sunday's NFC title game, the 2016 season and preparing for 2017. The show can be seen live at The Clubhouse Sports Pub & Grill in downtown Appleton or at

Here are select and edited answers from the interview:

WATCH: Clubhouse Live with Ty Montgomery

Q: Mike McCarthy said after Sunday's setback that you "ran out of gas." Agree?

Montgomery: I think so. I think everyone just gave it everything they had. We started losing guys (to injury), and we just ran out of gas. But we definitely gave it everything we had.

Q: Does Sunday's loss in any way diminish what you were able to accomplish this season in turning a 4-6 start into a berth in the NFC Championship Game? A lot of folks had counted you out after that four-game losing streak.

Montgomery: I'm going to say one thing, and then I want to keep it about us and the team. If you think about what's been said about us over the course of the season, 'Aaron (Rodgers) is not good enough,' or 'He's not playing up to par,' or 'Coach (Mike) McCarthy's not a good coach.' And then all of a sudden, we're playing well, and then it's, 'Aaron doesn't have any help around him.' No matter what it is, they find something negative to say about the Green Bay Packers. And to me, I think that's a testament to people really know how good we are and how good we really can be. But as far as the season, we just stuck together. These guys - all of us have always known how good of a team we are, what we can really accomplish. It has just been some series of unfortunate events. It's injuries, or something very unfortunate happens turning the ball over -  uncharacteristic things happen. It's not like we're characteristically a bad football team.

Q: What are the offseason plans for you as far as running back is concerned? Do you expect to remain at that position moving forward?

Montgomery: I'm not sure what's going to happen in terms of the people upstairs and what decisions they want to make. But for me personally, I'll be fine to do whatever. But my mindset is to refine and clean up and touch up my receiver skills. Continue to be a good route runner. Continue to be able to win on the outside. But then to also train as a running back, to train in pass protection. Because I've never been able to train in any of this stuff. I was running on instinct. I was pass protecting on instinct. I was doing everything and learning on the fly. So now, I want to train as a running back. I want to do footwork as a running back. I want to strength and condition as a running back. I want to pass protect. I just want to do everything as a running back. I want to learn fronts. I want to learn the linebacker positions. I just want to learn it all and just combine it with what I can refine and clean up and touch up as a receiver.

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