Packers' Allen Lazard on Clubhouse Live: Victory over Titans 'a really good team win'

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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard (left) co-hosted Monday's Clubhouse Live. Lazard's guests were quarterback Tim Boyle (center) and tight end Robert Tonyan (right).

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard co-hosted Monday's Clubhouse Live, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin’s live weekly football show. Packers tight end Robert Tonyan and quarterback Tim Boyle were Lazard's guests.

Among the topics they touched on were the victory over the Titans, statement wins, responding to adversity, the Pro Bowl and the MVP race. The show can be seen live on any of our USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin Facebook pages or websites, including It can also be seen on our YouTube channel.

Here are select and edited answers from the interview:

REPLAY:  Clubhouse Live with Allen Lazard, Robert Tonyan, Tim Boyle

Q: Would you call Sunday's 40-14 victory over the Titans your most complete performance of the season?

Lazard: Absolutely - on all three phases: offense, defense and special teams. We all played to the standard of what the Green Bay Packers are. And I think last week (against the Panthers) we failed that. But (Sunday), we were kind of able to live up to that standard. And if we're able to maintain that standard, we're obviously going to have a lot of success in the future.

Q: Would you say your victory over the Titans - a quality opponent that's vying for the AFC South title - a statement game and win?

Lazard: Absolutely it's a statement win. Especially looking on the other side of the ball with Derrick Henry and what (the Titans) have offensively. Given the weather conditions of the game where passing the ball seems a little bit harder. Knowing that they were going to have to rely on the run a lot to be successful. For our defense to go out there and hold (Henry) to 98 yards, which is crazy to think that's a win. But when they give him so many carries ... for them to go out there and do that and have that consistent performance throughout the entire game. Special teams go out there and help us with field position. And obviously offensively to control the ball and move methodically down the field and be able to put numerous points on the board, I think that's a really good team win.

Q: You jumped out to a 19-0 lead before the Titans rallied with a couple of touchdowns. But then you responded with three second-half touchdowns, and your defense came up with key stops to lock them down and put them away. What did you like about that response? And how important was it to see that type of response - again, against a quality opponent - as you head into the playoffs?

Lazard: They were really able to capture the momentum going into halftime and coming out of it, too. Being able to score before and after and making it a five-point game when it was 19-0 previously before that. So, for us to be able to come out the first possession of the second half and have that big explosive run by Aaron Jones, to be able to score shortly after that, that kind of put the pressure back on them offensively to go out and to match what we were doing. I think was a great response by us, and we were able to build more momentum off of that the rest of the game.

Q: How disappointed were you in not being named to the NFC Pro Bowl roster? What are your thoughts on how that all went down?

Tonyan: I really don't have an opinion on it because I really didn't care going into it. I know that's like a big deal and stuff like that. But it wasn't one of my goals going into the season. And I really didn't know how the Pro Bowl voting or any of that really worked or when it was. I was just kind of locked into playing good football and playing my role for the team. And it just so happened to put me in a situation where that accolade was possible. I don't really have, like, a thought on it. I'm just going to continue to play football and have fun. Because that's what I'm doing right now, and I'm enjoying it.

Q: State your case: Why is Aaron Rodgers the NFL MVP this season?

Boyle: I see two sides of it. You put it on the film and watch it every day. But if you know nothing about football and you look at his statistics, no one's coming close to that in my opinion. Five interceptions in 15 games is silly as a quarterback, it really is. It's hard to do. Every game, he's so consistent in what he does. And it never wavers. No matter what team we're playing, no matter what defense it is, he's got a lot on his plate every week, and he handles it with such grace. It really is incredible. As a quarterback and someone who likes studying good quarterbacks and having one of the greatest to ever play right in front of me, he makes it look so easy day in and day out. ... In practice, he's sharp, he's locked in and it translates. And it's a perfect example of practice preparation equals game reality. 

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