What scouts said about Packers' Day 3 picks

Bob McGinn
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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What NFL personnel men told the Journal Sentinel’s Bob McGinn before the draft about some of the Packers’ third-day selections:

BYU's Jamaal Williams is tackled short of the goal line in a game against the Cincinnati Bearcats on November 5, 2016 in Cincinnati.

4a. VINCE BIEGEL, OLB, Wisconsin

AFC scout: “He’ll be a good pro. Fourth round, maybe third. I don’t see him as a starter but I see him as a good role player.”

AFC scout: “I think Biegel is better than (T.J.) Watt. He may be too small but he plays hard. Mid-rounds.”

NFC scout: “Good player. He’ll go second or third round.”

AFC scout: “Good backup. I’d like him on my team. High intangibles, high-effort, tough (expletive), really smart. I didn’t think he was that good of an athlete. I saw him on the ground a lot. I didn’t think he was that fast. His pass-rush production was due more to effort and technique than skill. Overachiever.”

AFC scout: “’Sam’ backer. Play over a tight end. He’ll make your team tough. Good special-teamer. Big-bodied.”

NFC scout: “Stiff. A 3-4 guy only. Great kid. Overachiever. He’ll make a 3-4 team based on (special) teams.”

AFC scout: “Didn’t like him at all. As long as Biegel is free he’s good. Once people put their hands on him he stopped. Seventh round. He’s not that physical against the run. High pad level. Catches. He gets pushed. He gives ground. He’s best as a two-point rusher because he has good take-off. He’s not explosive. He’s tight in his drops. Straight-line guy. Questioned his space play. Left foot fracture and surgery last year. I don’t see where he can improve, and he can’t play in space.”

NFC scout: “I actually like him better than Watt. He plays hard. He’s technique-sound. He’s got a little edge rush to him. Just a solid overall player. I could see him getting in the second round.”

4b. JAMAAL WILLIAMS, RB, Brigham Young

AFC scout: “Like him in the fifth round. He runs tough.”

NFC scout: “One-dimensional guy. Inside power guy. He ran 4.55.”

NFC scout: “Pretty good back. Just kind of stiff and upright. He’s strong. Runs hard. He’ll be fourth round.”

AFC scout: “I didn’t think he was a good runner. Free agent. I didn’t like the guy at all. I thought he was a straight-line guy.”

NFC scout: “Like him. Big, strong guy. He’s got more burst than some of the other bigger dudes.”


AFC scout: “He’s a fast guy.”

5b. AARON JONES, RB, Texas-El Paso

NFC scout: ”He’s all right. He’s short, compact. Not the biggest guy but he runs hard. Built low to the ground. North and south. He has burst. Doesn’t have long speed. He has some versatility. He’s hard to tackle. He hasn’t been real durable. Ball security is an issue. Kind of a poor man’s Frank Gore. Late (pick).”

7b. MALACHI DUPRE, WR, Louisiana State

AFC scout: “Long. He ran fast at pro day but he doesn’t show that on tape. You can throw him off his game if you press him and knock him around at the catch point. I don’t know how competitive a kid he is. He does have ability. I’m not saying he’s an underachiever.”

AFC scout: “He had a great bowl game against Louisville. Fifth rounder. I question his speed and quickness. Has body control and hands. He has acrobatic-catch ability. More of a possession-type receiver.”

NFC scout: “Big, athletic, fast. Limber. A lot of untapped potential just because LSU isn’t explosive and doesn’t take advantage of its receiving talent. He’s got a lot of upside. He’s got starter’s ability. He’s an intriguing piece.”

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