The Milwaukee Bucks won the game, but David Bakhtiari won the night.

The Green Bay Packers offensive tackle fired up the crowd at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee on Wednesday night by pounding a can of Spotted Cow for the video boards during the Bucks playoff game against the Detroit Pistons.

You know what they say, “When in Wisconsin, do as the Wisconsinites do.”

The crowd approved, including Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who was sitting courtside with girlfriend Danica Patrick. His reaction also made the video screen. 

"Still undefeated in attendance," Bakhtiari later wrote on Twitter with a retweet of his his beer-slamming video. "Let the good times roll, and may that beer flow. Always a pleasure!! #FearTheDeer #spottedcowforthewin."

Several Milwaukee Brewers, including Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun, were also in attendance to watch the Bucks defeat the Pistons 120-99.

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