The most exciting moment of the Packers preseason finale was a Chief tackling a shirtless fan

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A fan is tackled after running onto the field during the Green Bay Packers preseason football game against the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

GREEN BAY - On a late-summer night at Lambeau Field when any player resembling a star was in street clothes, perhaps the most memorable moment from the Green Bay Packers' preaseason finale wasn't actually part of the game. 

In the fourth quarter of the Packers 27-20 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, a shirtless fan found his way onto the not-so-frozen tundra to scamper around, much to the delight of the more than 73,000 in attendance. 

The man's time on the loose came to an end after a few jukes when Chiefs safety Harold Jones-Quartey wrapped him up and took him to the turf. Until Jones-Quartey came along, the shirtless fellow and his impossible-to-miss American flag underwear had evaded almost a dozen security workers.

"I saw him run in, took his shirt off, and he was like … he just kept running," Jones-Quartey said after the game. "I just wanted to play some football.

"I didn’t want to hit him too hard. I just wanted to grab him. I just wanted to hold him."

A teammate in the Kansas City locker room shouted it was the tackle of the night, but Jones-Quartey said he hoped it woudn’t be a big deal — that he just wanted to keep playing. He said he had never seen that before, but joked, "Yeah, actually, it happens a lot in Green Bay, doesn’t it?"

Those watching at home didn't get to see the incident — NFL broadcasts typically cut away to not encourage that kind of thing — but videos from reporters and fans naturally made their way onto social media. 

For those curious, anyone pursuing this sort of moment of glory is arrested and at minimum is charged with unlawful conduct at a public event, a fine of $880. If there's a second charge, like, say, trespassing, it's another $880.

Do we have to say it? Don't do it. Don't be this guy.

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