Rodgers poised to set TD-interception mark

Eric Goska
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It’s time for a TID talk.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) signals a play during the Green Bay Packers' 34-27 win over the Detroit Lions  last month.

No, not a TED talk. TED, according to its website, is a “nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less).”

Today we’re talking TID, short for touchdown-interception differential. And while this topic might be TED-worthy, it’s unlikely someone has covered it in that manner.

At the center of today’s exposition is one Aaron Charles Rodgers. The Packers quarterback has crafted an imposing TID, one that he can improve upon Sunday night against the New York Giants.

Ratios are often used when discussing touchdowns and interceptions. While that may work for some, the magnitude of a performance can get obscured.

For instance, Rodgers has thrown four times as many TD passes as interceptions. Ed Rubbert also threw four times as many TD passes as interceptions.

Are their achievements comparable?

Hardly. Rubbert, whose career lasted all of three games with the Redskins as a strike-replacement player in 1987, threw only four touchdowns and one interception total. Rodgers has tossed 264 scores against 66 picks in a 12-year run that’s still going strong.

Subtract interceptions from touchdowns. Rubbert’s TID is 3; Rodgers' is 198.

TID – far more than any ratio – can drive home just how vast a difference can be.

Rodgers, a virtuoso at tossing TD passes while avoiding interceptions, is on the brink of history. He is poised to become the fastest to a 200 TID in NFL history.

Only three players have reached that summit: Peyton Manning (298), Tom Brady (288) and Drew Brees (230).

Manning hit 200 on his 7,187th attempt while Brees did so on attempt No. 7,280. Brady, the record holder at present, got to 200 on his 5,666th pass attempt.

Rodgers, should he stay true to form, easily will overtake Brady. Rodgers has thrown 4,141 passes and likely will first register a 200 (he could always slide back) before his 4,200th attempt.

Early in his career, there was little to indicate Rodgers would be at the forefront of this movement. Like many who operate under center, he threw an interception before he threw a touchdown pass.

Chad Williams was the first to pilfer Rodgers and he did so in the fourth quarter of a 48-3 blowout by the Ravens in December 2005. The throw was only the 10th of the quarterback’s fledgling career.

Nearly two years passed before Rodgers found the end zone. On Nov. 29, 2007, he collaborated with Greg Jennings for a score in Green Bay’s 37-27 loss in Dallas.

Since he became the starter in 2008, Rodgers’ TID has trended upward. Some of the numbers associated with the rise are impressive.

Rodgers has played in 129 regular-season games. He’s had a negative TID just eight times. Not surprisingly, Green Bay lost all eight of those games.

He’s had a positive TID in 88 games. Green Bay’s record in those games was 70-18 (.795).

Rodgers owns the top three single-season TIDs in Packers history. He set the record of 39 in 2011 when he fired 45 touchdown passes and just six interceptions. He also went over 30 in both 2012 (31) and 2014 (33).

In 2012, Rodgers became the fastest quarterback to a 100 TID in league history. He hit that milestone on his 2,283rd pass attempt, well ahead of Brady (3,374), who had held that record.

On Sunday night, Rodgers will look to bump up against 200. Any combination in which he throws at least two more touchdown passes than interceptions will do.

In the Giants he may have found a willing accomplice. New York is the only team not to have intercepted a pass this season.

The Giants allowed Dak Prescott (Cowboys), Drew Brees (Saints), Kirk Cousins (Redskins) and Sam Bradford (Vikings) to probe their defense without incident. New York’s opponents have thrown 161 passes without an interception.

Jonathan Casillas was the last Giant to pilfer a pass. The outside linebacker intercepted Bradford in Week 17 of last season.

Getting two touchdown passes may be the more difficult task for Rodgers. The Giants have given up four scores through the air, and Cousins was the only opponent to account for two. and were used to generate statistics for this article.

Regular-season series

Overall: Green Bay leads 27-23-2

At Lambeau Field: series tied 3-3

Starting quarterbacks

Packers: Aaron Rodgers (82-40 overall; 2-1 vs. New York)

Giants: Eli Manning (99-88; 2-3 vs. Green Bay)

Extra point

Years may pass before another quarterback other than Rodgers reaches 200. Next in line are Philip Rivers (152; 288-136), Ben Roethlisberger (132; 283-151), Tony Romo (130; 247-117) and Matt Ryan (104; 213-109).


The three quarterbacks with TIDs (touchdown-interception differentials) of 200 or greater in NFL history (regular-season only). The attempt listed is the one on which the player first hit 200. Aaron Rodgers has a TID of 198 and has attempted 4,141 passes.

Att.      Quarterback           TID (TD-Int)

5,666   Tom Brady            278 (428-150)

7,187   Peyton Manning     288 (539-251)

7,280   Drew Brees           230 (438-208)

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