McCarthy: Looking forward to pads tomorrow

Pete Dougherty
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Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy looks on during training camp practice at Ray Nitschke Field.

Following are the highlights from coach Mike McCarthy's press conference after training camp practice on Sunday:

(How much different will it be wearing pads tomorrow after two days without) More intense, will be longer. Chance work with guys for two days to see where we are. Intensity will be more tomorrow.

(Your focus during practice?) Trying to make sure tempo and structure of practice are normal. Tomorrow will be no different.

(What has Datone Jones shown you?) Looks stronger, more explosive. Last year had some impactful plays, need to see more consistency from him that way.

(Lattimore injury) had a stomach illness today.

(How view backup QBs Flynn and Tolzien?) Familiar with both, longer history with Matt. Flynn's done a good job and caught up with the changes since he's left. Going through offseason you can see he's comfortable and ready to go. Scott has same characteristics. He's had chance for whole offseason. Work ethic he knocks it out of the park. Both are very comfortable. Reps have been pretty much even.

(What is the candy-looking you've been supplying players during timeouts?) it's an energy source. We started it last year during the TV timeouts.

(Continuity on offensive line?) Any time they line up for 16 games in a season, that's a good offensive line. Experience level our guards Josh and T.J. are excellent football minds, I think they're as good as in the league. Great to have Bulaga back, impressed with both young center. Anxious to see them compete in more realistic environment starting tomorrow.

(Safety group, what are you looking for in camp?) Burnett is an outstanding pro, look for his leadership to go up. The criticism has been production and if you watch him and Hyde and Clinton-Dix, we're confident the consistency of their play will be better than last year. I'm anxious to see young guys.

(How had Hyde looked at safety?) Seamless. Micah Hyde's a football player, I think you can line him up anywhere on the field. He's a football player.

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