McCarthy hopes to find off-field role for Franklin

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Former Green Bay Packers running back Johnathan Franklin, right, talks with, from left, running back Eddie Lacy, wide receiver Randall Cobb and running backs coach Sam Gash at Monday's practice.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media after Monday's first padded practice. Here are some highlights of his news conference:

On the first padded practice:

"Similar to past years. I thought energy was good. The structure of the practice was solid. It's not totally coordinated. That's why we spend so much time working on footwork. We're installing. Today we had third down. I thought the pressure periods were challenging on both sides. Good quality film to learn. Not ready to play a game."

On injured guard T.J. Lang:

"As far as T.J. and Josh (Sitton), we're going to make sure we get more reps with other individuals. I'm not worried about T.J."

On the tight ends:

"We're really getting started. Today's practice with the pads, the tight end position is challenging. The half-line work will be very important for that group."

On his No. 1 concern in camp:

"I don't really have any concerns. This is a time to grow. We hit our targets in the offseason. You have to flush out OTA mindset. My focus is getting better each and every day. That's my job. I try to stay on top of that and make sure direction is always moving forward."

On Johnathan Franklin being back with the team in a non-playing role:

"It's great to have Johnathan back. I hope so (he'll be back)."

On finding a role for Franklin:

"You like all your guys to be involved. He's as fine as a man as we've had in my time here."

On defensive end Datone Jones getting into it with offensive lineman Don Barclay:

"It's football. That's all it is. Part of the game."

On wide receiver Jarrett Boykin's chemistry with quarterback Aaron Rodgers:

"I know Aaron feels really good about that connection."

On defensive tackle Mike Daniels' being vocal:

"I like everything about Mike Daniels. I like the way he goes about his business. I like his personality. I like how he expresses himself. He has a great approach and definitely tried to take that next step."

On linebacker Julius Peppers dropping into coverage:

"Their fire-zone scheme, he had same responsibility as a defensive end. He's very athletic. I'm not surprised with the way he's played in space has been impressive. When a man of his range, that's a different throw for a quarterback. He's here to go toward the quarterback, but when he does drop, he definitely has great ability and range. You look at his ball skills. He handles the football like an offensive player."

On new performance nutrition specialist Adam Korzun:

"It's an ongoing focus to grow and get better. This was part of the new facilities. The coordination between the cafeteria, weight room and the training room. He's already made an impact with the team. He started this week."

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