Matthews discusses NFL points of emphasis penalties

Ryan Wood
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The Packers offense wasn't alone when it came to penalties nullifying big plays Saturday against the Rams.

While the Packers had two touchdown passes called back because of hands-to-the-face penalties, the defense saw backup safety Chris Banjo's interception wiped out because of the same penalty.

Backup defensive end Carlos Gray placed his hands where he shouldn't. Yellow flags fell the turf.

The NFL's renewed emphasis on illegal hands-to-the-face contact is a new reality for players on both sides of the ball. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers showed his annoyance immediately following the game Saturday, saying the penalty was called too frequently. Outside linebacker Clay Matthews simply acknowledge reality.

"Penalties are just one of things where it looks like we're going to have deal with it, along with every other team in the league," Matthews said.

Matthews was asked if the penalties have been called too much this month. Should the refs dial back when the regular season begins and the games count?

"I think the preseason is always a chance for … trying to see where the league's at and where they want to go, what direction. I think this is no different," Matthews said. "Obviously, there's been a point of emphasis on what seemed like hands to the face, illegal hands to the face, as well as contact pass five yards down field, and they're making an emphasis about that. Yeah, I think it took some – I think an interception and a touchdown off the board – which is unfortunate. I know I hate to see that. I'm sure the fans don't like to as well.

"But ultimately, rules are rules. So you can't really complain too much about it. But, you know, we'll see because obviously the fans drive this game. I'm sure if they're not liking it, we'll change it."

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