McCarthy on Guion debut: 'He looked explosive'

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Monday. Here are some highlights:

Green Bay Packers defensive end Carlos Gray, left, and defensive tackle Letroy Guion during OTA practice at Ray Nitschke Field.

On Josh Sitton at center:

Josh Sitton has the ability, experience to play center. He has played center for us in the past.

On Letroy Guion's return:

He looked explosive. I really liked what I saw from Letroy. He's coming off of the injury. I thought he got off to a good start. We obviously limited his reps but I thought he had quality reps today.

On what he saw from Guion:

He's going to be treated like every other player. There's a process that every one of our guys has gone through. You go back to the beginning of training camp. We'll take another step further at Wednesday's practice in getting some more reps and keep progressing. It'd be foolish to throw him out there and give him a full load.

On if Guion will play against Kansas City:

Wednesday will answer the question. Just like today, I can't tell you exactly the total reps. I know we talk in detail about these individual work, the combination drill work, so I'm curious to see how many reps he got in today, and we'll try to bump that up come Wednesday.

On training camp:

A review of training camp? Well, I think we improved every day – or every week, I don't know about improving every single day. As a team, I thought the growth was continuous. I thought the installation phase was excellent to start off with. I thought the fundamentals that we heightened the emphasis on, we accomplished that. I thought the practice structure was better. We looked for improvement in number of reps in certain periods and the ability to turn up the intensity, being smart with the progression through practice, so I was pleased with that. Really, we've got to get ready for this last game. A lot of good things came out of training camp.

On playing Aaron Rodgers to get work with Corey Linsley:

Well, first off, play time, we've got another practice. As far as exactly who's going to play and how much they're going to play ... you were at practice today?

On practice schedule:

Probably, frankly, if I had to do it over again, I probably wouldn't have gone about it the way I did. We had a little bit too much going on. We had Kansas City Chiefs preparation going on there, we had some competitive segments with the 1's vs. the 1's. I think it was clearly evident of the amount of work Corey got today with the crowd noise, particularly for the defense playing at home, Corey was part of that equation. Corey will be ready to play.

On finding a balance for snaps with Linsley:

Well, hey, you have so many reps. We're doing a very good job – better than ever – as far as the classroom environment and the teaching resources that have improved since last year. With that being said, the mental part of it, we'll be able to sharpen his blade there. To go out there and just totally overdo reps because you've got one player that's going to start, I'm not going to do that. If I have to do that, then he's not the right guy. Corey will be ready to play and he needs to get ready to play against Kansas City.

On Rodgers scout team:

That was part of some of those competitive periods. The footing wasn't great today. Probably some of those extended plays were a product of some of the slipping that was going on up front. We definitely had an inordinate number of deep balls, which is good work for our secondary.

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