Highlights of McCarthy's news conference

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media following practice Monday. Here are some highlights of his news conference:

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy during training camp practice at Ray Nitschke Field, Wednesday, August 27, 2014.

Injury report: TE Brandon Bostick (leg, DNP), C JC Tretter (knee, out), CB Demetri Goodson (concussion, DNP), LB Brad Jones (quad, limited)

On Brad Jones caution:

"He was limited today. Obviously coming off his injury last week, but he got the work done that he needed."

On Brandon Bostick's chances against Seattle:

"He didn't practice today. We'll see what Wednesday brings us."

On JC Tretter on possibly going on IR designation:

"We don't have a plan yet for JC"

On changes in camp:

"The camp was different in some respects. When you accomplish what you want to do, it feels good. Training camp is over. That chapter is done. I felt very good about the way the 90 man roster was developed and the decisions that were made. I wish we could bring more of them back on practice squad."

On starting games faster in preseason with change in schedule:

"It's like any training regimen. You have to install it. There's an education. Ultimately, the players have to feel it. We took all four weeks of the preseason working that schedule. It changed a little bit each week because we wanted to tailor it to our football team. I felt like we were able to get that done. Our players feel good about it. They felt pretty good about last program, too. Change is constant in our business and you feel like it can help you."

On Thursday night opener:
"It's unique. Whenever you participate in a unique situation, there's dynamics you need to get used to. It's a disruptive schedule because your roster isn't set on Day 1 and 2 of your seven-day preparation. We practiced differently this week than during a normal week."

On noisy stadium impacting no-huddle:

"The challenge of noise it makes you work harder with your communication. That's the size of it. Frankly, with us being on offense during highest level of noise, our challenge will be how we communicate."\

On communication with coaches:

"We're obviously on headsets. We have new headsets that are supposed to block out the background noise. Worked well the last two weeks."

On protecting Corey Linsley:

"You can't protect him. He's playing center. He has a job to do. We feel good about his preparation. The best protection he has is Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang and Aaron Rodgers."

On Richard Rodgers' first game:

"I think Richard has been very mature since he got here. He's done things seamlessly. He's had some new learning, but I've been impressed with his progress."

On run defense improving with smaller guys:

"We have different players in different roles on our defensive front. Going off what I've seen in the preseason, I like what I've seen."

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