Hyde on Ray Rice: 'There's nowhere in the game for that'

Ryan Wood
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The three-minute clip was graphic, uncomfortable to watch.

Reacting to new the NFL had indefinitely suspended running back Ray Rice, Green Bay Packers safety Micah Hyde said Monday "there's nowhere in the game for" domestic violence.  Kyle Bursaw / Press-Gazette Media

Right there, posted Monday on TMZ for the world to see, was Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching then-fiancée Janay Palmer. Her head hit a handrail. By the time her body dropped to the floor, she was unconscious.

It struck a chord with the nation.

Hours after the video was released online, the Ravens announced they had terminated Rice. The NFL extended Rice's suspension from two games to indefinitely, according to multiple reports. For many, the punishment was a long time coming.

Green Bay Packers safety Micah Hyde said he wanted to see more action from the NFL. Hyde hadn't heard the news yet when he spoke with reporters inside the Packers locker room. The Packers held meetings Monday to begin their preparation for the New York Jets this weekend.

While some avoided the sensitive subject, Hyde took a stand. Hyde admitted he never thought Rice's two-game suspension fit the severity of his action.

"In my opinion, the way I see it, two games is definitely not enough," Hyde said.

Rice married Palmer after the incident, but the aftermath continued.

Hyde was among those disturbed by Rice's domestic abuse. He was raised to never, ever hit a woman, Hyde said. From a young age, that lesson resonated with him.

"The way I was always raised, you don't touch girls," Hyde said. "That's always what my mom said, my grandma. Even growing up and being 4 years old and fighting with my sister, my mom always let me know, 'Don't hit her.' It's a difficult situation that he's in.

"I think I can speak for myself that there's nowhere in the game for that. There's nowhere in society for that." and follow him on Twitter @ByRyanWood

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