Rodgers: 'Didn't have right look' to throw at Sherman

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (28) exchange words after their Week 1 game at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

Seattle All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman played exclusively on the left side Thursday night and Rodgers didn't throw once in his direction. On his radio show, Rodgers talked about why that happened.

"Richard Sherman is an exceptional player. He's a great corner and there's very few in the league," Rodgers said. "So that plays into it. There's certain routes that you feel maybe a little more comfortable than others throwing on him. But when he's in man coverage, he doesn't give up a lot of plays."

Conversely, Rodgers targeted Jordy Nelson, who lined up on the opposite side from Sherman, 14 times.

"We liked the matchup with Jordy on the left," Rodgers said. "Gave him a lot of opportunities. Looked to the other side a few times and just didn't have the right look to throw it over there. It's nothing more than the way we like to work matchups.

"When Cleveland came in here last year, Joe Haden, who's an exceptional player, he went with Jordy on both sides of the field and Buster Skrine was guarding Jarrett (Boykin) for most of the night. And Jarrett got off to a good start, made a couple catches and ended up having I think over 100 yards and a touchdown and that's just the way it went."

As players left the field after the game, Rodgers and Sherman could be seen talking.

"I think I said, 'I hope you get some work this year.' … We kind of laughed about it," Rodgers said.

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