McCarthy: Andy Mulumba 'suffered a significant injury'

Ryan Wood
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spent almost 15 minutes with the media Monday afternoon to recap his team's win against the New York Jets and look ahead to this week's trip to the Detroit Lions. Here are some highlights.

On injury statuses:

Green Bay Packers linebacker Andy Mulumba (55) lays motionless on the ground after getting injured against the New York Jets during Sunday's game at Lambeau Field.

I think Micah is going to be fine. Unfortunately, for Andy Mulumba, he suffered a significant injury. I know we're waiting for other results, but it didn't look good.

On the upcoming schedule being heavy with divisional games:

I think the fact you have three division games in 17 days, that's a big stretch. That's the big-picture view. But this is the Detroit Lions. It's a game that's always a tough game, especially up there. That's a tough place to play. They look good on film. I watched the Giants game already. I think they're off to a good start.

On what changed defensively Sunday:

If you look at the first couple series, we had some plays we won on. I thought the Jets did a heck of a job in situations. I thought they made plays. I just thought our defense, we didn't probably start as fast as you'd like. I just thought as the game went on, we got stronger. Give the Jets credit. They made plays early. Our guys stayed after it and got better late in the game.

On the difficulty of personnel changes:

I'm not a big fan of matching offensive personnel. Dom and I talk about this all the time. Ideally, you want to match personnel, but when an offense is in a no-huddle mode like the Jets, if you're going to match, it's all about getting the players the call at the right time. We want to stay aggressive. We don't want to get calls in at the last second. There's a place for matching. That's how football has always been played.

On Davante Adams:

I thought Davante really stepped up. You talk about a young man taking advantages of his opportunities. I thought he had a good day.

On whether Jordy Nelson is getting too many targets:

No issue from our end of it. You look at how the game was played, I thought the Jets did a heck of a job committing to the run, sticking in their base defense. With that, there were opportunities on the outside. I thought Aaron did a great job of taking advantage of that, and Jordy was very productive.

On timing of the onside kick:

I kind of pushed the envelope there. I was trying to steal a series back that we lost early in the game. I thought the risk was definitely worth it. Frankly, if we tackle, they have the ball on the 37-yard line. So I thought it was a good call.

On Casey Hayward's limited snaps:

Casey was looked at like a lot of guys are today, the day after the game. What exactly that is, I don't have that for you. That's in the report. About who plays nickel, who plays dime, the way the reps are distributed through the week, we're trying to play as many guys as possible.

On slow start with running game:

You mean statistically? Statistics are for losers, right? It's Week 2. I feel good about our running game.

On new scheme defensively:

Schematically, what we're doing, whether it's 3-man line look or 4-man line look, it's a lot of the same concepts. We're not trying to trick anybody. It's just about our personnel. It's the same things we've been working on since April, and we're getting better at it.

On whether McCarthy expected growing pains with the 4-3 defense:

No. Not at all. I don't think there's been any. I'm fine with it. our issue Week 1 was tackling.

On utilizing Clay Matthews:

I think it's basic football. When you have an exceptional football player, if you line him up at the same spot every time, you help the offense. If you mix it up, put Clay Matthews over there or put Clay Matthews over there, it's more difficult for the opponent. and follow him on Twitter @ByRyanWood

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