McCarthy: NFC North is 'a heavyweight division'

Ryan Wood
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke with the media for about six minutes after Thursday afternoon's practice. Here are the highlights.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

On players returning from injuries:

(Cornerback) Casey (Hayward) worked today, took his reps. Casey and (right tackle) Bryan (Bulaga) were all limited. I'll have to look at the film to see what they all did.

On what makes the Detroit Lions scary:

We're not scared. I have full respect for their football team. With the coach and players they have, I think it's obvious they're a very talented team. That causes new challenges. I just think they're an excellent football team. The reality is it's a division game. Our division is a heavyweight division. We've always approached it that way.

On how the Packers respond after giving up big plays:

You have to keep playing. I think this game we played at Lambeau this past Sunday is a reflection of that. If you break down the big-play production, they were way ahead of us in the first quarter, we were able to tie it at halftime and finish ahead in the second half. That's a key component in the second half.

On Lions receiver Calvin Johnson:

Calvin's a great player. He's obviously the focal point for their passing game. You have to look at the full picture. You're obviously always aware of where he is. It's important for our guys, particularly our corners, to play with good technique, good leverage and just play football. Anytime you go against a top-notch player like Calvin, you can't let him take you out of your technique.

On rookie center Corey LInsley's first couple of weeks:

I think Corey's put together two good performances. He's off to a good, comfortable start. I think so far, so good.

On what makes Linsley so good:

Corey's a good football player. From the first day we put the pads on, I think Corey showed he belonge.d he's competing each and every day, and he's getting better. I like what he's done sso far.

On the Lions' run defense:

Detroit's a very good defense. It starts up front with the defensive line and their linebackers. I think they're excellent.

On the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called against the Packers' sideline during Sunday's game against the New York Jets:

We've addressed it. We don't know who was actually penalized. Based on the communication with the official during and after the event right before halftime, and who he told me it was on and looking at the video and things like that, obviously something happened. We talked about it against today. and follow him on Twitter @ByRyanWood

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