McCarthy: The run game was disappointing

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media Monday afternoon following Sunday's 19-7 loss to the Detroit Lions. Here are some highlights from his news conference:

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy (27) gets tackled in the end zone for a safety by DeAndre Levy (54) and Jason Jones (91) against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit September 21, 2014.  Jim Matthews/Press-Gazette Media

Game recap:

I'll start first with special teams. Going into the game, playing in the dome, we didn't have many return opportunities. We missed two opportunities. The coverage part of special teams was solid. Defensively, I thought the defense played well. They did a lot of good things. There was a lot of defensive production. Being on the field way too much, Detroit was able to bleed us for too many yards during last two series. Offensively, the run game was nowhere close to our plan going in. Giving up nine points as far as fumble return and safety was a critical factor in the game. The run game was disappointing. I thought our pass protection unit did a good job. Perimeter, we had six drops. We have to catch the football better. It was obviously a frustrating game offensively. That is what Mondays are for. Corrections, win or lose. Getting ready as we move on for Chicago.

On Davon House's knee:

I don't have any updates on any of our guy's injuries. The trainers looked at that.

On Aaron Rodgers saying of the offense not making adjustments to scheme:

We want to be balanced but the production in the run game was execution. The only correction I'd make as a play-caller is if you go to it sooner. We didn't play well in run game and it definitely factors into the game.

On the 1-2 start:

Our record is 1-2. Why we are 1-2 is the things I focus on. None of them are really the same. I think the biggest thing we're focused on is what we need to do to improve. We haven't put together a full game as far as the offense, defense and special teams playing in a winning fashion. We've had some adjustments. Every team doesn't just jump out of the box and practice great every day.

On Clay Matthews' groin:

Way the communication goes on the sidelines, the medical staff determines if the player is up or down. It's been a busy day. I haven't been to training room.

On Aaron Rodgers' passing:

I'm not up here to talk about scheme. The fundamentals and things we do from an execution standpoint were not good enough. The responsibility of quarterback at the line of scrimmage, he's in a best play available mindset. If you have a run and they're playing two-deep, we should be running the ball. That's elementary football there. The decision to attack two shell defenses come from the boundary.

On Eddie Lacy:
Eddie needs to play better. I don't correct individuals in the media.

On James Starks:

I think the way opportunities are laid out. The run game, we had plenty of corrections for everybody.

On facing Cover-2:

We've played three games and the team we played last we didn't feel they needed to do that. We have an outstanding quarterback.

On Brad Jones:

He's getting better. He's probably a little frustrated it's not going as fast as he wants it to. He's been here around the clock.

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