McCarthy: Rodgers, Cobb have good chemistry

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media after Wednesday's practice in preparation for Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears in Chicago. Here are some highlights from his news conference:

Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb (18) tries to pull in a pass while being covered by Detroit Lions cornerback Danny Gorrer (36) during the first quarter of Sunday's game at Ford Field in Detroit.

Practice report

OLB Clay Matthews (groin, limited), ILB Brad Jones (quadriceps, limited), OLB Nick Perry (wrist, limited) CB Davon House (knee, full), WR Jarrett Boykin (knee, full), RT Bryan Bulaga (knee, full)

On Matthews:

Clay is going to do everything he can. We'll take it day by day.

On the no-huddle offense:

No-huddle, it's a big part of our offense. Really, the mechanics has been good, mechanics of play entry has graded out high. The biggest thing right now is the production on offense isn't what we want it to be.

On moving away from different personnel groups:

Frankly, in my opinion, the utilization of personnel groups – I wouldn't categorize as creativity. That's utilization of personnel. You can make argument of who is your personnel. Those things are all part of the conversation. Where we are in our program, we structured to the best utilization of our players.

On receivers not getting open:

Anytime you ask me an execution question, you have to look at the particular situation that they're in. Receivers getting open, it's general. Is it bump and run, is it route running, are they rolling coverage, that's why we do the video where we work on technique.

On the chemistry between receiver Randall Cobb and quarterback Aaron Rodgers:

They have good chemistry. It was a good day today on the practice field. They've played a lot of football together. There are certain routes he's comfortable with every guy. I'd say they're comfortbale.

On spreading the ball around on offense:

The way the ball is distributed, the defense is part of that. We don't line up and throw it to a guy. We may feature certain guys in concepts. You'd always like to see everybody catch the ball.

On the lack of established veterans in the receiving corps:

I don't think it's fair to do comparisons. We're talking about good players who are not here. Boykin and Davante, I feel very confident where they are today.

On the Bears' changes:

They are more settled into what their system is and their scheme. The defensive line has had a number of changes. You can see impact three free-agent defensive ends have made.

On the Bears' offense:

I thought they did a heck of a job last year. They were outstanding and they still have the same threats.

On taking advantage of injuries:

First thing we have to do is get first downs. That creates another three-down opportunity. This past week, only 51 plays you can stop there with your statistical analysis.

On taking away the football:

It's always been a part of their operation down there. It's like he's been there for five years. It's a group that's always excelled at it. It's a focus for us.

On tight end Brandon Bostick:

I think it's important for all of our guys to be more focus on what their role is right now. Brandon is working his way back. I feel confident if needed and called upon he'll do a good job Sunday.

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