Matthews is probable to play against Bears

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews practiced Wednesday after injuring groin last week in Detroit.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media Friday. Here are some highlights:

Injury report - Questionable: WR Jarrett Boykin (knee, groin), ILB Brad Jones (quad). Probable: T Bryan Bulaga (knee), CB Davon House (knee), OLB Clay Matthews (groin), OLB Nick Perry (wrist)

On Clay Matthews' groin injury:

Yeah, so far, so good. The medical review, the report today was good on Clay. We still have 48 hours, so we're confident that he'll be ready to go. But like I said, he's still working through it.

How do you get Jarrett Boykin going?

Jarrett Boykin, yeah, we've played three games, actually Jarrett was injured yesterday, so we'll give him to Sunday to see if he can go. But yeah, I think first of all, we've got to get first downs on offense and create more opportunities for all of our guys, Jarrett included.

If Boykin is a confidence guy?

I think we all are, yeah definitely. When you get that first catch, I remember there's been times in my career that certain players needed it more than others. I've had a receiver or two, particularly I would just throw him a quick slip or a key route right away just to get them going, get it in the game. I don't think Jarrett's like that at all. He's a competitor, he plays special teams, he's an excellent run blocker. But, yes, everybody wants that first catch.

On Julius Peppers going back to Chicago:

I mean, Julius Peppers is the ultimate pro. I think he's far enough down the line in his career. Clearly, he has relationships in Chicago, great memories in Chicago, but he's totally invested into our football team, and that's all I've seen. I've seen a man preparing to get ready to play, and I think a number of our starters on offense and defense have taken more reps in the opponent looks because we're really focused on improving as a team fundamentally during the course of our preparation, and I thought our guys did a nice job of that yesterday.

On the defense's four-man pressure:

I like the pressure of the four-man rush. I think if you look at the ability to get into the particular third-down situations where we can rush four and play coverage, it's been effective really starting since the preseason.

On Morgan Burnett:

Morgan is off to a good start. He's clearly one of our veterans back there. He's been the quarterback of the defense with all the communication and responsibility that goes with the safety position. He's making plays on the ball, flying around. I think he's off to a very good start.

On Richard Rodgers' blocking:

I'm very confident in all of our tight ends and what we ask them to do. Richard is young, he's getting better each and every week. We've kind of been having this conversation since he arrived. He's played in different offenses through his college career. What we're asking him to do, he's getting better at all the time.

On Jamari Lattimore:

Jamari is very comfortable in there. He's definitely a play-maker in his ability to run and hit. I like what he gives us. I like his attitude. I like his energy. I think he's done a nice job the last two weeks.

On players losing jobs to injury:

I mean theories, principles, all those things are part of your approach to each and every season because obviously you may adjust them, you may not. I think you have to look at the whole situation. I don't really believe in absolutes. I think there's where you get yourself in trouble.

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