McCarthy on run D: I know the numbers. Nobody likes it

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Monday following Sunday's 38-17 win over the Chicago Bears.

Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (21) tackles running back Matt Forte (22) against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field September 28, 2014.  Jim Matthews/Press-Gazette Media/@jmatthe79

Injury report (estimation): Did not participate - DL Josh Boyd (knee), WR Jarrett Boykin (groin), ILB Sam Barrington (hamstring). Limited - ILB Brad Jones (quad), OLB Clay Matthews (groin).

On Josh Boyd:

We're not working today. I don't have a handle on any of our guys from a medical situation. I'm starting a new trend that I don't go in there unless I have to.

On Clay Matthews:

Clay Matthews had a plan going into the game how we were going to use him. I thought it flowed. They were smart and utilized him. They made a huge play with the turnover.

On not going into training room:

I'm trying not to go in there as much as I have in the past. I'm trying to do something different.

On run defense:

Based on the communication just talking with assistant coaches. I started on Minnesota on plane ride back. The conversation about it – assistants corrected it. There are some things. They hit us on a couple things schematically we haven't seen. Fundamentals were a part of it. I thought in second half we made the adjustments. I thought come second half, the takeaways we got better. I know what the numbers are. Nobody likes it. There are some things we did last two weeks technique-wise. This particular game against Chicago, we didn't do those things.

Still confident in approach on defensive line:

I don't think anybody disagrees with our approach. We're playing to our players' strengths.

On short week:

Short week is tough. Everyone is doing it. We had strength and conditioning in the morning. We went to offense install.

On new schedule in a short week:

This is an adjusted Thursday week plan. We incorporated what we usually do on Fridays today. The way we practice on Wednesday will reflect what we do on Saturdays. You have to streamline it.

On three division games in 12 days:

Has it happened before? I don't know. When it comes out, you play them. What's unique is playing three division games and having two new coaching staffs. Coach Mike Zimmer in Minnesota. We spend a lot of time in Cincinnati with Norv Turner and his background.

On patience with defense:

I think the job of a coach is to put player in best position. Our players are accountable. The thing that happened yesterday, it's all correctable. Chicago did some good things. Giving up that much yardage, there's no excuse for that. We understand that. There are things we can definitely work on and improve on.

On efficiency of offense:

I think the issues on defense were created in the first half. They come out and have the ball for 8 ½ minutes. We have an identity. We clearly understand each phase. You have a general idea of what the big challenge is going to be each and every week, and we play to it.

On handling Matthews' snaps with Thursday game on horizon:

It was clearly medical. We've done this in the past and in hindsight it's wrong. We try to calculate and save this guy – every game is important. You get 16 games to play. If you're healthy, you're playing. If you're not. We set a plan with a lot of Clay's input. He knows his body better than anyone.

On short week against new coaching staff:

I think both teams are in the same boat. I think there was a lot more work early in the year. Minnesota has played four games. They have a new quarterback, so there's some new things there. They have to play a game in four days also. We do a lot of preliminary game plans. When we leave here in June, there's a game plan in place for all four preseason games.

On Teddy Bridgewater:

I think he's going to play. Taped the game for me, so when I got home I watched the TV copy. I watched the game on the coaches' copy this morning.

On starting faster on offense:

I think it's No. 1 getting the first first down and hitting the big play on second day. That would get anyone going. Frankly, the way they played us, too. They stayed in base personnel and sub personnel. If you watch how the game unfolded in the first half and the way they came out in the second half.

On moving Randall Cobb around:

Randall, to me, is a very versatile football player. There's a lot of things he could do that we don't get to every week. He can play inside, outside, in the backfield.

On NFL parity:

I think this league is so competitive and parity. If you think this game is going to beat that team, you're guessing. The inactive list is an important statistic you can have value in. Anybody beating somebody else on Sunday, it's never a surprise. I think the first instance you take anything for granted, you're going to get yourself in trouble. The biggest problem in this game and in life is handling success. We haven't figured it all out. We're going about it. We know we have a tough division game. We played them in the playoffs and didn't know who the quarterback was going to be. It's 11 people playing 11 people, there's so many things that have to go right. It's very difficult to win in the NFL. You see it every week.

On moving Jordy Nelson and Cobb around:

It's really how we play. We got him inside a little more than others. The plan has a lot to do with that. There's different factors that tie into that. It's that whole thing. I feel that's how we always play. Once again, we get into how many snaps we played in offense in Seattle. We haven't played a lot of offense.

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