McCarthy: Starks should touch football every game

Ryan Wood
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spent about 10 minutes chatting with the media after his team's practice Tuesday afternoon. Here are the highlights.

Green Bay Packers running back James Starks carries the ball against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit on Sept. 21.

Packers injury report: Clay Matthews (groin), full participation; Brad Jones (quadriceps), limited participation; Josh Boyd (knee). Jarrett Boykin (groin), Sam Barrington (hamstring), did not practice

On running back James Starks not getting a carry against the Chicago Bears:

Frankly, that was poor management by myself. That shouldn't happen. I think the game is obviously different, the way it sorted out. James Starks should touch the football every single game. That will not happen again.

On Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater not practicing:

Definitely. It's part of the preparation. It's not he first time it's happened to us. It's not the first time it's happened to us against the Minnesota Vikings. We'll be ready to go whether he plays or not.

On difference in the Vikings offense with Mike Zimmer as coach:

I think they're definitely different. They do some quick screens and things. You're going to see Mike Zimmer's imprints.

On the new Vikings coach:

I have a lot of respect for Mike, going back to when he was a defensive coordinator. He always challenges you schematically. He's an aggressive coach. It's always a challenging game.

On the Packers' offensive identity:

I think that's more for you guys, frankly. I think we know who we are. We're focused on playing Thursday night.

On the Packers' identity after 4 games:

I mean, it's four games. We have the ability to run the football, throw the football. We have an ability to play fast. That's how we prefer to play. We have a quarterback that makes clean plays.

On wide receiver Randall Cobb bouncing back in Chicago:

Randall's a tireless worker. He's a true pro. He was that way at a young age. He was one of the most impressive rookies from a maturity standpoint that we had come in the door. I've never seen him need more urgency in his approach.

On the Packers' run defense vs. the Bears:

We're focused on the things that we can improve on, run defense and everything from the Chicago game. We had a very upbeat practice today, individual drills. We were focused on fundamentals.

On the relationship between great quarterbacks and wide receivers:

The quarterback position is the most important position in football. It can impact a game more than any other position in football. They can definitely make receivers better, there's no question about that. They can't do it without their receivers.

On the short week and building momentum:

Good point. We felt good coming back on the plane Sunday, and Monday, we actually got a little bit of work done. I was pleased with the amount of work we got done with walkthroughs and meetings. There's more energy, a positive feeling in the air. Everybody knows how hard it is to win a game. With a quick week, you've got to be really dialed in and turn that thing around. We're really focused on these guys.

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