McCarthy says Sunday injuries aren't long term

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Monday. Here are some highlights:

Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields grimaces after injuring a knee during the third quarter of Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla.

On Tramon Williams, Sam Shields and Jamari Lattimore's injuries:

Sam and Tramon, I really don't have information as far as timeline until we see what they're doing Wednesday. Same thing with Jamari Lattimore. All three of them have three different injuries. Talking with Ted Thompson, I haven't talked to Dr. McKenzie yet. None of them were long term, but how fast is to be determined.

On losing CBs on back-to-back plays:

I thought our defense definitely responded. Looking at the secondary play throughout the game, they hit a couple throws. I felt good about the way Davon House played, Jarrett Bush. Micah Hyde played outstanding on special teams.

On Micah Hyde's return before final drive:

Micah won the game-ball for special teams. His and Jarrett Bush's plays were excellent. Big play in the game.

On stacking successes from win like this:

It's an investment in confidence. It's a lesson in overcoming adversity. Those are all great lessons.

On Letroy Guion:

Letroy has played very, very well. I thought he responded from early things in Chicago game. I thought he was outstanding.

On reaction to touchdown:

Three seconds are still on the clock. These games wear me out. Aaron checked back to same play as the one Randall Cobb scored on.

On Aaron Rodgers' draw:

Really, our process is when our players come off the field. They have these new surface tablets, Microsoft Surface. They work very well in the sunshine. Aaron sees the game so well, like none other. Things come to him a little differently than other guys. That particular play and check is something we haven't done in a while. There's an investment in that play.

On Aaron Rodgers:

You can't always have your cake and eat it, too. He's the best in the business at it. There is risk involved. I think he's smarter, more mature in some of his decisions. When I see him slide, I'm happy about that because there was a time he didn't slide. It's how we feel that's how quarterbacks should play

On missed tackles:

We missed way too many tackles. Eighty percent of our missed tackles were in the second half. You give them credit for that. That's really football. I thought they made a couple big plays. Their run game adjustment. I wish we would've played better defense in the second half. That four-minute drive was outstanding.

On getting ready for heat, holding canopies:

"You have to be smart about it. I thought our training staff, strength and conditioning staff, Adam our new nutrition specialist, this is what it's all about. Even on the plan, I don't think I've seen that many guys go to the bathroom that much."

On this win among his best performances:

"He's had great performances. I don't even know where to start. A couple of those plays he made were extraordinary. The touchdown throw was really in his wheelhouse. That's the situation you want to give him. He's had some great games – the Super Bowl, the Atlanta (playoff) game."

On Rodgers' pass to Nelson:

That's the grit of the position. When you have that pressure in your face, you have to make that throw and he doesn't even blink. If he reacts to the blitzer, we probably don't make that play."

On protection:
I clearly understand the number of quarterback hits and sacks we gave up. We had some things in the plan, wish I we would've done more of. I think they jumped our silent count. I still believe the sack in the red zone, he was offsides. That's a very good, active front. They have a number of guys back. We knew it was going to be big challenges."

On Clay Matthews' production:

"I'm very comfortable with the way Clay is playing. His grades are consistent. The production doesn't always reflect the performance. I liked the rotation we had with Clay, Julius Peppers, Mike Neal and Nick Perry. Clay is a big-time player. His production will come."

On Andrew Quarless' touchdown:

"I spent some time with Andrew on the TV show. He's walking with a little bit more hip in your hop. He's been here a long time. Andrew has made big-time catches. I think people tend to forget some of the plays he's made. The touchdown he made in Detroit. Just like the one in Miami, it's a route adjustment change. He's done a lot of good things."

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