McCarthy: Trying to carry momentum to the road

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media Monday. Here are some highlights:

Green Bay Packers cornerback Casey Hayward (29) returns an interception against the Chicago Bears.

On run defense:

Definitely. I think we're doing a better job fitting the runs, pursuit, getting off blocks. I think they all factor into improvement.

On nickel package:

It's about creating opportunities for as many players as you can. Seeing players going in and out of packages, I'm very pleased with the way we have the different combinations of playing these guys. Our perimeter group is playing extremely well with these opportunities.

On Micah Hyde's return:

It gives you the kind of lead you like at home. It was a big-time play. It's something he's good at particularly in that area.

On turning tables, scoring a touchdown on Eagles:

Each and every game is its own specific opportunity. I know what they've done in the past. It's part of the planning. I thought Philadelphia is a very good football team. Special teams was going to be a big challenge. Game didn't end how we'd like and the punt block. Those are learning opportunities for us.

On momentum carrying over to road:

I think it's important in any sport. You have to be realistic what you've gained. It's important to be utilized for refocusing. Momentum is something you can view it as an energy source. A lot of this game is about confidence. You definitely have to guard against over confidence.

Only losses this season on the road:

Have to stay in tune with what kind of game this is going to be. It's going to be tough contest. It's a new program. Playing them early in the season was a challenge with new staff. They've made changes since then. Cohesiveness has picked up. We have to stay focused on how we have to play and stay in tune with this being a tough football game.

On playing outside:

I think we'll be OK. We'll practice outside and keep the doors open in the Hutson. I've heard some different things about it. As far as the surface, it's important for our guys to get out there early.

On offense clicking:

Obviously, Aaron is having a great season. I think you can't lose sight of this being a team sport. I think our offensive line has started the charge. You have five guys who continue to play together each week. I think this group has the chance to be the best o-line we've had in my time here. Perimeter group has the veteran leadership of Jordy Nelson. Eddie Lacy is a premiere player. It's a group that's a year better and hit it's stride a little bit.

On offensive line stopping Philadelphia:

Philadelphia, as far as our approach, they're a pressure team. A lot of three shell pressures, mixed the two shell coverage. They played that way against us. I think our protection unit did a heck of a job. He was able to throw from the pocket. I think Aaron's 30-plus yards rushing it's detrimental to the defense.

On Bryan Bulaga:

I think Bryan is getting better each and every week. He just needs to play. I think Bryan is putting together a very nice year.

On Adrian Peterson:

Not really focusing on it, but don't really know the specifics of everything involved. We plan on playing against what we see on video. If something happens, we'll adjust.

On Capers' opening up defense with Matthews inside:

I think we're moving around our ready list. It's not like we're drawing up new things. It's scheme we've been working on since Day 1. Idea of moving Clay around in our defense is something we talked about in April.

On Eddie Lacy's touchdown:

Great finish. I think that's the difference between playing OK and playing well. When you have that kind of finish and pursuit on defense.

On reminder of Donald Driver in throwback:

We've had some good moments. We're not only 4-0 in those uniforms but the point differential is pretty high.

On playing well at home:

We have a great home field advantage. Our fans have been tremendous. I think the atmosphere at Lambeau Field is not only unique, but it's been great. I think everybody probably plays a little better at home, I would think.

On offense, calling good games:

It takes everybody. We've had good plans. Just the way we train, I think you're seeing the younger guys. I think it's fitting together. It's a very creative coaching staff. We're doing a good job of managing our Ps and Qs and staying on top of. We have to guard against trying to not do too much. Check and balance of getting in and out of plays has worked very well. It'll start this week against Minnesota.

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