Matthews limited by groin injury

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media after practice Wednesday as the team prepared for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings. Here are some highlights:

Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, left, strained a groin muscle during Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lambeau Field.

Injury report

Did not practice – OLB Nick Perry (shoulder), G TJ Lang (ankle), G Josh Sitton (toe), TE Brandon Bostick (hip), CB Jarrett Bush (groin). Limited – LB Clay Matthews (groin), OLB Jayrone Elliott (hamstring).

On Matthews' and Perry's injuries:

Limited work for both. Perry might not get more until Saturday. Same thing with Jarrett Bush. He's a tremendous worker, so I think sometimes we have to protect him from himself. We're going to be smart with him.

On Matthews' prior groin injury:

Speaking with him, he doesn't have high concern. We'll see how he feels tomorrow.

On Sitton playing without practice:

I think Josh has played very well. There's subtle differences. I think, anytime players go through change.

On the Metrodome, which has been torn down:

I liked the Metrodome, I thought it was a great place. It leads the way for taking Advil after games. It beats you up by end of day. Environment there was incredible. It was always exciting to play in Metrodome. It was unique home-field advantage for Vikings.

On guarding against overconfidence:

The message of handling success is something we've talked about since Day 1. It comes in different forms and fashions. You always try to give the same message differently. Today we focused on ourselves and the Vikings.

On Vikings rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater:

Talented, gets the ball out of his hand. He can throw it. I think he's a young, improving quarterback. I like the way he plays.

On trying to keep pace with the Detroit Lions in the NFC North race:

We played 10 games. You look at each contest and the importance of it. Statistics show importance of winning fourth division game is high. Path we've taken and lessons we've learned. We're developing a style of play that's been consistent of late. We need to adhere to that. Our quality of play has improved. We have to go to Minnesota and win the football game. Characteristics of this game will be a little different. They're a first-year program that's building.

On the Adrian Peterson situation:

I did not (follow it). Just focused on the film and what they've done since our football game.

On the Vikings' defense getting more sacks in the last four games:

I think they're definitely playing much better. I think you're seeing the path of a first-year defense. A very well-coordinated defense. I think they did some things schematically the first game. I think the way they leveraged us in the first game was one of the better plans we've seen. I think you're seeing this team develop like Mike Zimmer wants.

On how Perry's injury interrupts things:

Nick is working with his situation, but you have to get your whole team ready. We don't just rep our 53 – we rep all 63. We try to make sure everybody is ready.

On losing balance on offense by big passing plays early:

I think like a lot of things, whatever the numbers are, you have to look at the numbers. Approach and intent is something we pay attention to. Result is something we pay attention to. I don't really think it's important because at the end of the day it's about scoring points.

On the red-zone defense:

I think our defense, situationally, is one of the strongest things we do. I think you're seeing the consistency since the bye week. Our guys are comfortable in what we're doing down there. They play fast. It's all about playing fast, fits, pursuits and trusting the guy next to you.

On Micah Hyde at nickel back:

Micah Hyde is a football player. He's a four-down football player. Whether he's starting nickel, dime, that's not really the way we approach it. There's different packages each and every week. Who plays where is really a product of the game plan. Micah is a good young player. I've always liked Micah. Frankly, I felt I should've gotten him more involved quicker last year.

On Mike Neal at outside linebacker:

You can see what Mike has done with his body. I think he's more comfortable with what's being asked of him.

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